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Cornish Football:sandwiched between incompetence and corruption

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To be serious for once,as this section of the website deserves, our Cornish game reflects our moral deserts. We buy clownish papers, owned by metropolitan groups, that cannot get the score or the fixtures right. We pay licences for the indulgence of visitng media career builders from the south-east ; and, in the case of the JCCL, we tolerate biased, antediluvian and uncommunicative administrators. In the wider world, a London millionaire can afford excellent support from the English law to legitimise the impoverishment of many Cornish people. The same "local" paper that published details of the process when it became a creditor had launched and proselytised the rebranded "Tigers" zealously...why ? Apart from Chris Webb as an honourable exception, what do the "Tigers" have to do with the city of Truro?

Why do we comply?I will not be paying a licence fee for no decent football coverage on Radio Cornwall. If enough clubs refused to pay the bloated fees and fines imposed by the F.A. and its "limited companies" or to accept the ridiculous FIFA interferences, they would have to be withdrawn. Do not buy the papers that persistently get it wrong. I found that one free paper insistently delivered through my Truro letter box, including the rantings of a one-eyed racist, after I had informed its management that I did not wish to receive it, stopped coming when I took to packaging it and returning it to its publishers with a "postage to be paid on receipt" notice...and rang three of its front-page advertisers to explain my objections and to ask them if they wanted to be associated with the views of the one-eyed racist.

The internet can be an opportunity for the people to take back their game. If enough information is broadcast here, freely, who needs the Sunday Independent, inflated to a farcical price of 95 pence ? I would like to see a strong Cornish F.A. disentangling itself from the FA and, if necessary, FIFA, but I realise that this could only work if we had administrators of strong calibe and conviction to carry us forward.

We are the Cornish people and we should be proud of that. Why do we comply ? As an English playwright put it, "the fault, dear Brutus, lies not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings."

Let's not be underlings. Authority depends on compliance.

Let's have more civil disobedience , inside and outside football !


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