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Promotion to the SWPL Premier

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From SWPL Division 1West-

Penzance must be red hot favourites for promotion to the Premier Division

Good facilities ,good management,good attendances and good for West Cornwall.

Other contenders

St.Austell No floodlights-

Porthleven No desire (going on previous seasons)-

Truro City Reserves-Maybe restricted with the 2/3 level gap in the Pyramid if their firsts dont go up.

Hayle-no floodlights

From SWPL Division 1 East

None of the top 5 clubs have floodlights ie.

Galmpton Gents-Stoke Gabriel-Bovey Tracey-Exeter Civil Service-Appledore

Not sure if any club has planning in place for lights but I think I am right that all new applicants to the Premier division must have floodlights.

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Unless they make promotion automatic this new league is a joke,you will have clubs happy to pay players rather than plan for floodlights and players happy to play a lower standard and win most weeks rather than try to improve themselves at a higher level.

If no auto promotion go to seperate cornwall and devon leagues.

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Totally agree. Devon and South Western League were getting stale. No promotion and relegation. The idea of the new league was to encourage development, progression etc. Budleigh and Porthleven won their respective leagues but did not go up. This was wrong they should have gone up. Clubs who do not go up should forfeit the money they are entitled too. Clubs who do not like it, can go and play in the minor leagues in Devon and Cornwall.

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I would assume the same goes for Bodmin, paying Western league wages but playing in the SWPL. Good CV but under achieving in reality. Budleigh are now paying penalty ! not a top team they once were in the Devon league.

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Some clubs obviously have no ambition to play up to a better standard of football to see how good they really are, but are quite happy to win the league time and time again and be called champions.

Therefore, they should be penalised for it, be it a fine or pts reduction or both, the mimimum form of punishment should be to forfeit the money are entitled too. Surely this money is there to help them move up the next step of the ladder as well as rewarding them for finishing as high up as possible in the league.


paying Western league wages

If wages is the issue, put a limit on how much you can pay players, the better standard of football, the higher wages......

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