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Combination League Results 08/11/08

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Cornwall Combination League

8th November 2008

ILLOGAN RBL (Craig Williams, Ben Widdershoven, Andy Cowper) 3-2 FALMOUTH TOWN RESERVES (Ryan Harris, Casey Adams)

Att - 30

MULLION (Dan Stidwell 2, Darren Tremayne) 3-1 ST IVES TOWN (Darren Steadman)

Att - 25


Att - 59

PERRANWELL (Steve Allen) 1-2 PERRANPORTH (Dean Harris, Steve Rowson)

Att - 112

PORTHLEVEN RESERVES (Tom Wadsworth 2, Paul Ainscough, Ashley Stidwell, Jordan Adlard) 5-4 PORTREATH (Kevin Mitchell, Alan Buckley, Adam Johns, O.G.)

Att - 25

RNAS CULDROSE (Chris Morris) 1-3 ST AGNES (Darren Murrish, Rid Purnell, Jams Thomas)

Att - 10

ST DAY (Perran Cooke 2, Matt Witts, Joff Malabar, Stewart Reynolds, Nathon Taylor) 6-0 LUDGVAN

Att - 10

ST JUST (Neil Curnow 2) 2-1 HOLMAN SC (Daniel Bell)

Att - 32


Att - 15

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Report is being typed now.

Trying to do the programme for Wednesday nights game between Pz and Porthleven.

Here's my news and gossip page from the programme as it will be printed.


Well it looks as if Perranporth are pushing on for the title having beaten Perranwell 2-1on the slope in front of 112 spectators. Yes Illogan are up there as well, as are Penzance, but we’ve played a few more games and Illogan don’t score enough goals to match the fire power of Perranporth.

Illogan did score 3 against Falmouth’s 2 to record another victory at the weekend, but as I say, I reckon they will fall short of winning the league.

As I said in my last programme Mullion are a team to look out for now Alan Carey has gone down there with his money. Four wins from five games has put them into the Q-F of the cup plus they are starting to move away from the bottom of the league. On Saturday they defeated St Ives 3-1, inflicting only the second defeat of the season on the Saints.

St Day beat a luckless Ludgvan 6-0, with Penzance’s 1st team player Stuart Reynolds amongst the scorers. According to reports Ludgvan never gave up pushing for an elusive goal. That makes 12 defeats in a row for Ludgvan.

Helston defeated Wendron 2-1 at Underlane in what has been described as a poor match ruined by the weather.

St Just beat Holman SC 2-1 as well with managers son Neil Curnow coming back off a suspension netting both for the Tinners. Now they are getting back towards full strength after injuries and suspensions expect some more victories for St Just.

Portreath still can’t get a point away from home. Unbeaten on their own patch but nothing to show for their efforts away from Clijah Croft. This time they lost 5-4 to Porthleven.

St Agnes went to a windy Culdrose and came away with all three points following a 3-1 victory. Only 10 hardy souls were watching the match.

We’re now waiting for the league committee to make the draws for both cups and when announced we’ll print them here plus any points deductions, fines, etc.

More news and gossip in our next programme.

In each programme I usually put in a bit of gossip nicked of the forum, plus news of games, etc. Like to stir things up if I can. :P

Each programme is different, at least 16 pages and free. Mind you they're so good expect them on ebay in a few years time selling for £'s. :D


Here's another programme page we do for every game. A profile page.

This week it is Craig Nicholls

Player’s Profile

We have asked players to answer a few questions so we can get to know them better.


PLACE OF BIRTH/BIRTHDAY: Penzance/ 3/3/1980

POSITION: Goal Keeper



Ludgvan Combo

Mousehole Combo

Penzance Combo

Penzance Swl

Penzance SWPL


TEAM I SUPPORT: Manchester United

FAVOURITE GROUND TO PLAY AT: Penlee Park, Penryn, Falmouth

WORST GROUND TO PLAY AT: Perranwell, Holman SC


FOOD: Beef Curry

FILM: The Shawshank Redemtion

POP STARS: Oasis/Foo Fighters

DRINK: A Pint of Lager


To keep playing as long as I can and win something with Penzance





Sorry Craig, hope you don't mind. :thumbsup:

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Nicky Medlin works for Alan & has played for him wherever he gone. Good jobs hard to find these days !!!!! :P

Thanks Kev. But just for the record Nick wanted a change,

In reply to the previous statement i can assure you that i am not putting in ££££ to Mullion My company have a commitment to sponser Bodmin Town this season and i will not go back on that.

Times are hard in buisness at the moment and my company are no different to many others we are feeling the pinch of the credit crunch.

So for once just acept that a very young team have picked up a few good results based on nothing more than their hard work.

Give them the credit they deserve they been down at the bottom for quite some time so let them enjoy whats happening.

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CTB....I enjoyed the pre-printed fixtures on your website.

But how come they have all been changed around this week ? St Just were meant to go to Helston but now Helston are playing Hayle instead and the Tinners have been sent to Newqauy when Newquay firsts have no game cos Newton Abbott have folded. Maybe Helston did not fancy a good old shebang in the gale now their striker has gone back to Portreath, so Mr Roberts has rearranged us all as usual.

I should be grateful....first time for four years the Tinners haven't been sent up to Newquay on an evening. Your results table throws up interersting info about the comparative results of SWPL clubs in midweek as opposed to on Saturdays....


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Guest Helston Patriot

job and football,thats different all together helston patriot!!!

alan didnt just offer him a job a month ago and say now you have to play for me


he still worked for him when he was at holman sc!!!

and carey has already stated above that meds wanted a change!!!

works for him?think his wages just went up...!!

Question answered

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job and football,thats different all together helston patriot!!!

alan didnt just offer him a job a month ago and say now you have to play for me


he still worked for him when he was at holman sc!!!

and carey has already stated above that meds wanted a change!!!

works for him?think his wages just went up...!!

Question answered

it wasnt a question!!!!

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In reply to Issac Rosenburg

The league have altered the fixtures. When I first put them on the website before the season started they were correct. Everthing usually follows the fixtures list until the combo teams start playing in the Senior Cup as that takes preference over the Combo fixtures. So the league start juggling fixtures around from then on. Combo Cup replays also put a spanner in the works plus any Reserve team in the Combo may have fixture changes due to their first teams fixtures altering so grounds become unavailable.

Some weeks it's not too bad, in others, several games are altered. I have to wait until I get the Sunday Independent to find out the following weeks fixtures and alter accordingly. I have never been contacted by the league to be allowed to attend meetings or to be sent updated fixture lists even though by running the site I am promoting the league.

I hope by running the site, attendences improve, more money comes to clubs, quality of players improves, etc. You would have thought they would have contacted me to act as their internet "press officer" to put news, etc onto the site for everyones benifit.


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CTB, thanks for your excellent work.....I was at the Combo league meeting at which a prominent pfficer turned down an offer of free on-line fixture programmes a few years ago because he said he didn't know anybody who was using this internet stuff and he didn't think it woulod catch on. John Roberts also refuses to have a mobile phone. The only surprise is that they haven't yet made us play with a ball shaped like a pyramid.

I have been collecting mathematical evidence for years of Roberts's bent fixturing, but unfortunately was never afforded the time to demonstrate the statistical paradigm on which it is based to the cognoscenti of the top table......

See other posting !

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Who cares if Meds is being paid one way or another or not at the end of the day any club in this league or the ones above would benefit from his services, especially in the bar afterwards.


Couldn't agree more. it was not that long ago people moaned about Perranporth and money, then theres Perranwell...... who really do not, do not pay!!! Who cares anyway????

Meds is a really nice bloke, if he earns so what, always enjoyed playing football with and against him. If the players at Mullion come out half as good as him then they'll be fine. With Alan there ensuring they don't follow him in the bar and using his wealth of knowledge i say bring it on!!!!

We would all moan if one club runs away with it... like Truro last year! Embrace competition!! don't pick about how it is acheived!!

Good luck Meds and Alan :drink:

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This whole thing with money is just getting silly now...come on is there really any person playing in this league that was offered a few quid wouldnt at least consider it. Its fantastic to see a good team come together when there is no money but there will always be some cash floating around.

Meds is a top player so whatever team have him playing are lucky to have his services for money or not. But is the fact that the guy has gone to play for his boss any suprise?! Isnt that how most teams are put together to some extent, through work mates and friends who different people know saying come and play for us?

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Hang on a minute, let me get this straight, alan carey becomes manager of mullion and suddenly mullion are spending money left, right and centre. But all the players have stayed and are all playing regularly, except for meds and jason. Jason was playing in a lower league and knows he can play at combination level and meds fancied a different challenge. At Mullion we were a very young side who needed some experience in the midfield and you don't get much more knowledge and experience at this level than meds. The only thing alan has bought with him to mullion from bodmin are his knowledge, something money can't buy, and a heap of respect. So we have got a young local side who are all mates and want to play for mullion, not for money

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