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I only watched the 1st half of this game and I would not say that Penryn 'dominated', the second half may have been different but on the first half performance of both sides I would go for 60-40 to Penryn.

The real difference on the night (1st half) was that Penryn put their chances away, while Mousehole didn't, they had too many mis-placed passes, shots and crosses and at no point make the home keeper work at all for his money.

On a good note I would like to say how pleased I was with the behaviour and tolerence shown by the Management and players of Mousehole, it was a real credit to them, the second goal that Penryn scored was fortunate indeed, everybody in the ground stopped and was waiting for for him (the referee) to blow his whistle for a foul (from behind) by the Penryn striker on the last Mousehole defender, even the attacker stopped and looked back at the referee and when he saw that neither the linesman or the referee had signaled a foul he smartly rounded the keeper to pop the ball into an empty net.

The reaction of the Mousehole players to that goal was not one of whinging, moaning or surrounding the referee and screaming in his face to tell him that he had got the decision completely wrong, it was get the ball back as soon as possible and lets kick off again and play football.

I even looked over towards Jeff in the dougout and he just stood there arms folded and and head bowed, the management and players showed great restraint and composure to let this 'incident' pass them by most other teams would have declared war by this time. Congratulations and well done Mousehole.

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