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Yes. Confirmed by the league secretary and my conversation with the Padstow chairman An official press statement is being prepared.

The records have yet to be exunged but it would leave Launceston on top with 21 points followed by Bodmin 18, St Stephen and Torpoint on 15 points each. Probus will be pleased as they lost 2-1 to Padstow,

It will also mean that St Stephens Borough will also get a bye into the second round of the supplementary cup as they were due to play Padstow on 15th November

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I work with one of the Padstow lads & earlier today he told me that there was a meeting of the clubs committee tonight to decide the clubs future.

Just tried to call one of the committee to clarify the clubs position but guess what - he's gone too a meeting.

Should have added I hope its not true as they are good people at Padstow and they have been working hard to sort the future of the club out. They have set up a great soccer school & have an under 18's side.

There's a lot of hard work going on at the club, especially Sean Alcock and i hope everything turns out OK for them.

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This is a shame and i wish them all the best for the future.

Have to say tho that this always looked on the cards. After what happened last season and them playin in the prem again (no need to start that debate again tho), this was always going to happen.

If they had decided to go down to div 1, they would prob have a few more points on the board, higher morale, players enjoying their football, comittee members who put in a lot of work being able to watch close competitive matches.

im guessin this is a view people would agree with. Still real shame for all involved with the club.

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