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What do Spurs need to do?


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personally the best thing spurs could do is give terry wogan a call and see if he fancies hosting a charity night for us and get the other teams to phone in and donate us some points(PLEASE)!!!

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yeah not turning up would probably be our best chance.we just have to ride through it.at least we will be able to win some games next season although when they said they were going to build a team capable of challenging the top 4 i always assumed they were talking about the premiership!silly me

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Spurs Lifeplan

Need a Pension?... Are you worried about the future? Let's face it, we're not getting any younger and we all have to think about our lavish lifestyles, after our careers are over. Are you over 33? Are you well past your best?

Are you looking for an easy life? Yes? Then You Are Eligible For the Spurs Life Plan!! Spurs pay you £30,000 a week, there's a pointless medical, and no sales person will call (well you might get a shot in the private plane). CALL NOW! There's a FREE house, luxury car and limitless golf at some of England's finest courses.

Don't take our word for it, read these recommendations by some of our satisfied clients;

"When I'm no longer playing, I know my family will be financially secure" Gus, London.

"I recommend the Spurs Life Plan to all my family" Christian, London.

"The Spurs plan supplemented my pension, just when I thought it was too late" Dean R London.

"The generosity of the Spurs plan is unmatched in the world of pension finance. It was the best move we ever made" Jamie and Louise, Essex.

"Even when everyone said I was too old, Spurs were prepared to supplement my pension with an outrageous offer" Mauricio, Buenos Aires.

"Despite being permanently injured, I was still eligible for the Life Plan -year after year" Darren, Watford.

"Tottingham is for me doing it" Ossie, Swindon.

So don't sit there worrying about the future-RELAX-That phone will ring!! Spurs life plan is regulated by D Levy and his pals at the bank, and is funded by the 30,000 who have invested in the "THFC Season Ticket" pyramid scam over the last 10 years.

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