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Well done Mawnan lads!


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I would just like to say well down to the Mawnan Smith boys today who played us at mawgan, must of been hard for them, they didnt give up fighting even though they were 4-1 down at one stage, you done Dominic proud. Great minute silence well observed, chin up boys remember him for all the good reasons.

Didnt not know Dominic but I have heard he was a nice guy, GREAT GREAT SHAME. RIP Dominic. (Mawgans number 9, Morley). Good luck for the season boys see you back at ours in December.

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ah reckon so and greyhound,

All at mawnan would like to thank you boys for all that you did saturday. The black armbands and the minutes silence was much appreciated from us all at Mawnan. Also like to thank you for the good game that was played in good spirits. We hope to join you for a drink after our next meeting. A big thanks again to everyone at Mawgan FC.

Woodie (no7) and all the Mawnan team.

:c::smiley20: :c:

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