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Falmouth goals from Matt Drummond and Glen squires. St Blazey had penalty saved by Richard Kellow. Falmouth let in soft goal with a Kellow goalkeeping error. No sign of new boy Adam Western!

Falmouth line up from tonight.

Richard Kellow, Steve Hawke, Brinton Nute, Damon Mulready, Dave Rawlings, Matt Moore, Adam Trudgian, Glen Squires, Matt Drummond, Stuart Peters, Sam Hunter.

Subs unused, Bobby Bryant, Shaun Halford, Wayne Hewitt, Andy Bowker, Chris Symons.

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Guest Postie Pidge

In numerical order:

RK/SHaw/DM ©, BN, DR, MM, SHu, AT, GS, MD, SP.

87m 12 BB replaced MD

Unused subs: SHal, WH, AB and C. Symons

1-0 - 12m Matt Drummond

2-0 - 61m Glen Squires

2-1 - 77m Danny Zalick

Referee: Paul Christmas (Truro)

Assistants: George Pattison (Helston) and Justin Moses (Penryn)

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A funny old night tonight. Been looking forward to this one for a while but St Blazey are a very inconsistent side and they go from winning against Dartmouth to loosing at bottom placed Falmouth who looked average at best. To say it was a missed chance was an under statement. Its never easy to win at Falmouth but if ever there was to be an away win, tonight should have been that.

With Falmouth having to put in a goalkeeper who dosnt normally play there should have helped but apart from a huge howler for St Blazey to pull one back he had a decent match.

I did notice two St Blazey players turn up 5 minutes before kick off tonight which cant off helped much either.

Alot of huff and puff but little quality. St Blazey best football came down the right and we looked good at times and Danny Bance had a great chance to make it 2-2 with just minutes left but pulled the ball wide from about 6 yards. andals have

Off the field I noticed the 'away' end is on the verge of falling down in places as either the weather or vandals have pushed in the back of the stand. Also the small few steps of terracing on the far side are as over grown as ever and you see by the size of the ground the amount of hours it would take to keep on top of a ground such as Falmouths. For me its one of the best non-league grounds around and id hate to see it fall apart.

Roll on Holsworthy next week to put this result to bed!!

Nice to see you again Pidgeon.....but where was Mike?? :thumbsup:

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Quote from PAUL :With Falmouth having to put in a goalkeeper who dosnt normally play there should have helped but apart from a huge howler for St Blazey to pull one back he had a decent match.

I think the penalty save and his other saves far outweigh the blunder! Richard is holding his own in goal and we consider ourselves damned lucky at having two excellent players at the club who are so versatile in their ability to play outfield and in goal - Richard Kellow and Paul Wolstencroft.

I dont think Brinton will forget this match in a hurry after that reckless challenge in the first 30 seconds of the game. A nasty gash on his chin that probably needed a stitch or two. Didnt phase him though did it ?

Well done to 'The Black and Amber Army'. Just goes to show that 'Those who can, DO!'

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What was the mass meeting of players all about last night when Steve Hawke got fouled early on in the second half?

In the first place it's seems absolutely crazy to me that players should want to get involved in some sort of fisticuffs anyway. Then after the referee has finally has held conversations with both of his two assistants, it's even more ridiculous that only one player got yellow carded and that was for the original first offence anyway. <_<

Whereas on Tuesday, in the game between Truro v Paulton, City's 'keeper got a yellow card just for taking the ball back inside the penalty area when a foot outside originally. I know the Laws dictates a yellow card, but let's face it, this offence is surely far less a crime than a handful of players facing up to each other!

Regarding the scorer of the St Blazey goal, I know you must be right PL1, but I wonder where the Press Officer got the goal going to Danny from. Presumably though it'll go down to Adam in the official records - that is if Simon put it down right on the team sheet? :(

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