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The bad news is that I am back in the U.k.

The good news is that I'm not yet back in Cornwall - quite.

The trouble with the customs and immigration people was a bit of a nuisance but once they'd dismantled my footie boots and shin pads, they were O.k.

Doesn't everyone carry those? - just in case there's a chance of a game somewhere? They should get out and about a bit more.

There was the small problem of a world renowned footballer arriving in the U.K without a work permit. As soon as I mentioned Crowntown, they waved me through.

Any road, I may make Halsetown on Sunday - to watch. Harry still has my boots from the last game of last season and to say that I'm not too fit, would be an understatement.

When I get a phone, I may be able to contact people. Zebedee can email me if he wishes. I do check emails.

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