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Hi everyone...... i have opportunity to play for Falmouth Town but decided not to. Friends told me that the team is not that great. Instead im starting next tuesday with reserve team. Any ideas about reserve team or falmouth town team? Thx

Im in falmouth for 2 year and didnt have a opportunity to play...but now.... i can choose between Falmouth town, falmouth athletic, meanporth football club, and some mini league. Confused, dont know what to do...want to play...that's all.....


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I played 1st League For slovakia club Dukla Banska Bystrica... one of the best football club in slovakia. I played there when i was 6 and then finished in 19. Unfortunately injury came along (knees) and couldnt keep up with standards. Went to 3rd league club, but it was quiet far away from home. That time money wasnt that brilliant and no car..... after 2 years decided to go back to my city...but 5th league... Which was over my carrier. More drinkers then players... Left Slovakia, went to England. Earn little bit of money, played couple matches on Isles Of Scilly..but it was just nothing. And now im in Falmouth....looking for club. Havent got that much stamina... but working on it. Every week ive got something... Monday football in Penryn College, Tuesday will have training with falmouth reserver team, wednesday training with Falmouth athletic, thursday boxing in Falmouth beach hotel.... hm..getting there. By the way ...i used to be a striker.

I have to say my brother is still in 1st Czech league... Ceske Budejovice.

Sorry for any mistakes....im still not a cornish :)

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You seem to be the type of player who would like to play at the best level that you are capable of.

So why not start training with Falmouth Town and see which of their 3 teams is your level at present. You can then play at that level until you are playing well enough to work your way up through the club system.

I know Falmouth Town are not enjoying their best start to a season but they're still a great club to play for, and I'm sure they'll get it right soon, and maybe your contribution could help their cause.

I had a few seasons there and enjoyed the best times of my life.

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I dont work for Falmouth Beach hotel.....im working at The Cove Restaurant. And Im sorry i didnt play for their team.

Tommy Matthews thx for your advice... I will start with reserve team...and will see how it goes.. The thing is... i really would like to have trainning everyday... but they've got it just once a week....And also my hours at work are pretty crap.

Damn...will have to work something out.


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