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I must apoligise in advance for this but thought it was hilarious ..........

Premiership footballer was fed up with his wife playing around whilst he was at the match so he secretly took out an insurance policy on his wifes life and then went to a renound gangsters pub and asked around for a hitman. he was told to ask for "Arty" at the bar. He asked for arty and was introduced and told him what he wanted. Arty asked for £10,000 but the player said he wouldn't have the money until the insurance paid up, so he opened his wallet and all he had was a pound coin. "I'll take that as a down payment and that seals our legally binding contract". The player told Arty his wife always does her shopping at Tesco's on a friday night very late.

Friday comes and Arty follows the wife into the shop, he gets her in the frozen section and strangles her, unfortunatelly he looks round to see the store manager watching so he quickly grabs him and does the same and runs out of the shop.

Of course there are CCTV camers everywhere and Arty is quickly arrested and after much interegation tells the police the whole story and the premiership footballer is also arrested and charged.

the following days papers front page read:


:yahoo: :yahoo:

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