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Devon Premier Cup 3rd Round Draw

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Good result for you on Saturday Gats and good luck in the next round.

On paper it looks like we've got the hardest tie of the three with a trip to Heavitree, but at least we didn't get a Peninsula side just yet.

Need to start playing some league games though cause we've only played five so far and it'll be hard to make up ground if we have to start playing some of the Peninsula reserve sides in midweek when they can stick in 1st teamers.

Nice to be still involved with both Cups though.

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Hello KT,

We made hard work of it again 1st half but after a few choice words at half time the youngsters listened and we totally dominated the 2nd half, Robby court getting his first for the club in style from 30 yards out half volley & chris faulkner with the secound reacted first to a loose ball in the box, should do his confidence good.

We have a tough one this weekend mate away to Bodmin would be nice to come away with something there!! :yahoo:

On another note it is nice to see the Devon teams doing well in the Devon cups i think it shows the standard of football in the ECPL is high and can only be good promotion for the league throughout the county.

All the best mate.

:P:smiley20::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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Poor old Sir Alex. Puts his foot in it again. The East Cornwall Premier League is just a name. The league is open to clubs from both Cornwall and Devon. You have been on this site five weeks and you decide to post an infantile comment. in any case I thought crud was a card game. Fancy a game of snap. :SM_carton:

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I dont see why all 3 teams involved in the Premier Cup cant progress to the next round and pending on a good draw after that go even further!!

I know we at Parkway are striving to go further than we did last year in which we reached the 4th round, but i cant think of anything better than pitting your wits against other teams from other Leagues!!!

And as gats or Coach KT said, its good to avoid a peninsula side for now!!Although at least 7 teams from that the East Division will be knocked out as they have been drawn against teams from that league!!!

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CoachKT - you'll find Heavitree a very socialable side - and the beer is cheap in the social club after. (I should know I'm a social club member & drink in there often enough!)

They are a good team so will be interesting to see how the two standards compare.

(No game for Borough that Saturday so I'll be able to watch.)

One thing, the pitch is narrow - too narrow for Devon League which is why they didnt get promoted when they won the Devon & Exeter League a few years ago.

Also, be prepared to encounter the legendary Heavitree bobble!

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I remember playing at Heavitree for both Teignmouth and Tavistock back in the late 80's early 90's when they (Heavitree) had just dropped out of the Western League into the old South Western League and their pitch had a 'Bobble' back then....I don't think their little wooden grandstand :blink: has has a lick of paint since then either :(

Never the less they are still a good side and have always been one of the best sides in Exeter in recent times so as said, expecting a tough game.

Would be good to see all the 'Devon' sides in the ECPL progress into the 4th Round as it will highlight the quality of the league.

When you take into account the standard of the pitches and facilities, I reckon that the ECPL has to be the best league outside of the SWPL in Devon & Cornwall.

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I think you must be right Southy.

Just checked and Heavitree were in Western league until they joined Devon County League in 1999 / 2000 so both the Teignmouth and Tavy games must have been friendlies.

Seem to remember a few of their lads went to Clyst Rovers when we played them too, one lad called Alan Napper (?) springs to mind, used to play CD.

I'm sure that Tavy lost 2-1 and Heavitree used to play in Blue and White back then with a massive square sponsors logo on their shirts.... :blink::rolleyes:

Blimey :o ....Good memory or what..... :clapper::thumbsup::yahoo: , Just as well i never forget my wife's birthdayor our wedding annivesary either :D:D:D

Better watch out......

'Sir Alex' willl be on hear in a minute asking 'What the F*%$ has this got to do with Cornish Soccer ??? :P

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