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Referee Shortages

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I've picked this up from the North Devon Football League webiste today, due to referee shortages why can't the senior leagues, SWPL / ECPL come up with a similiar scheme, bearing in mind that the North Devon Football League is a Junior League. It shows great vision...............

The next referees training course for our area will start on Monday 3rd November at Appledore FC clubhouse. Our area continues to experience a shortage of referees and would be delighted to welcome anyone along on the course, so long as they are aged over 14. Whether it is a matter of coming towards the end of a playing career and wishing to put something back into the local game or realising that maybe the playing career isn’t going anywhere and the challenge, and opportunity of advancement, that refereeing can offer appeals then now is the chance. There is a fee involved, presently £78 for anyone over 18. The good news is that all this can be refunded, thanks to the North Devon Journal League, so long as enough games are refereed. There is now a need to register for the course, with the County FA, at least 10 days before the course starts. So if anyone is interested, would like further details, or to register for the course, then please contact Andy Walter, Area Referees Training Officer, before Friday 24th October. Phone 01237 421444 or 07766 140560 or email andyjwalter@hotmail.com

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