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Saturday 27th.Sept. keeper Chris.Symons injured at Saltash and Paul Wolstencroft took over for the second half.

Midweek v Wadebridge Paul Wolstencroft.

Last Saturday at Newton Abbot ,Wolstencroft unavailable(to travel) so Richard Kellow the second team defender played the full game in goal.


Saturday 27th.Sept. Second Team keeper M.Rose injured and Richard Kellow deputising against Penryn Athletic reserves.

Last Saturday v Porthleven reserves Paul Wostencroft started and saved a penalty before taking over from injured striker Bryn Wheeler and then equalising with a penalty.

This left the opportunity for Town secretary Mike 'the cat' Williams to take over custody in the Falmouth goal for the remainder of the game.

Did you keep a clean sheet 'Pidge'?

Correct me if I am wrong but it is how I read it from the website.

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Guest Postie Pidge

Yes Mike. I played for Mount Ambrose in the Junior Cup at 2pm then after that finished went to catch the end of the second team game. I knew Bryn was going to name me as sub as he only had eleven there and I said I'd only play if desperate. While I was getting changed I heard shouts telling me to hurry up. I went onto the pitch not even knowing what the score was!

Heard after that Wolsty had saved a penalty and made "about 8 spectacular saved" - shut him up by saying that I kept the clean sheet.

Also interesting to note that Twig went off injured for Porthleven so they changed keepers as well.

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Someone was telling me about this situation the other day.

Seems bad that they can't get cover in at the moment - anyone able to say if it's due to being unable to find players? or players not wanting to play?

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