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liskaerds latest signing!!

Guest heavy_kev

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Guest heavy_kev

Who the **** is daryl johnson???? Leigh Cooper must be struggling to attract players to the club if he is resorting to signing 16 year old centre backs who have never played at this level. Anyone heard of him or seen him play??

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Hi Heavy Kev,

I hope you have posted with the interests of Liskeard and in Particular My Good Friend Coops?,

If Lee has identified This young player then take it as Read that he Is/ Can/ or will be a Damm good Player!

Lee is one of the best I know in finding Talent, whatever age if Lee thinks they can do a job, They will.

I have great respect for Him, and You only have to ask the players who have and play under him,

We Have on many occassions spoken about players, Old and New, his ideas and disciplines on the game are the same as mine.

I know he as been very frustrated with being unable to bring the type of player to the club he wants, with the restrictions on the Budget.

Young Daryl Johnson should be very pleased and fortunate that he will now learn lots about the game, Esp the Defensive side of it.

So, If you are Liskeard Fan ? It might seem a surprise, But do not worry!, have more Confidence in your manager. Lee, more than most, gets his players right!

Steve Massey

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