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are they good enough

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Guest Whufc-12

Personally i think people are under-rating truro due too there age..

Yes they are very young and everyone in the side bar a couple could play under 18's but there is a lot off talent in the side and truro play good and proper football.

No-one has taken the time too watch us play...therfore cannot comment...

had a few rocky games but everyones picking up experience and theres players in the side that have played too higher standards than the league now, and even county appearances.

Soo i think Truro could do well, thats not saying i think we'll hammer everyone, but i think we're capable off going a long way to be honest (:

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Guest mariner

Having played against you this season i know that you do play some very good footy, but at times maybe to much. With the fact your all very young when you play a strong direct side you will find it tough, but you still could go far in the cup.

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Guest geachy1

they did go quiet far last season tho think they beat troon in 1 of the rnds.

mining league teams knocked out quiet a few fal/hel sides in the 1st rnd.

those this mean the mining league is the strongest of the 2 .

maybe a mining league side winning the cup again?

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Sam Hatfield is a quality player, they have a young side but very good youngsters.

having watched truro thirds knock us [halsetown] out of the junior cup on sat i would say that they came to halsetown a difficult pitch to play on and played good football probably better than portreath and the top sides we played from the mining league last year, also they wernt put of by our physical approach, i think they would play better football on a bigger pitch, admittedly i havnt seen troon or the top sides in the falmouth helston league but i would say they have a good chance off progressing

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Surely it all come downs to the draw init??? Truro got to the regional SF last season as a div2 team...if last season is ought to go by they played some lovely footy (most of them playing Penisula league this year and doing well!)but once teams got into them they couldn't handle it..actually did help are main striker last season was 6ft 6"!!!!!no 4real good luck2Truro but still gonna go with Fal Ath...but Fal Town ahd a good result....good luck2all of ya :c: :c:

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What Truro 3rds did last season has nothing to do with it as the WHOLE TEAM AND MANAGER have moved to the swpl side after mewton went to pz and the players all left as the money has dryed up in the swpl team.

i started playing mens football for truro 3rd team in 2003 when i was 16 and we won nothing that season as we were all 16 and to small and weak.and the team had;

scott palmer (st blazey swpl ,newquay swplw)

adam peters (truro swplw)

matt jose (falmouth/truro combo, newquay swplw)

treve whitford (played truro, goonhavern and perranwell combo before uni)

matt hallet (godolphin swplw)

liam street (probus, truro city, falmouth town all snr before uni)

Tom Whipp(penzance swplw)

myself (pz/truro combo , goonhavern and st austell swplw)

and i know ive missed a few out

so although the new truro team is full of good young players, you need a few older players to look after you if you want to win things as teams will kick you off the park, good luck tho!!

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Where is Darren this season Shane?

Daz has just come back in the last few weeks he has a op on his toes!!! he now has a left and right foot!!! still can't kick shit...but such a useful weapon will as the season goes on make a huge diff. no1 likes marking a big un! :thumbsup:

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Remember a certain Mr Hansen saying "You don't win anything with kids!!"... :blink:

What's he ever known about footballing matters anyway Shane mate?, he had Lawrenson to make him look good. Just the same as Carvalho does with Terry at Chelsea and Ferdinand does with Terry in an England shirt. ;):P I'll get my coat :(

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