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Penalty Kicks

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I know you guys talk a lot about Cornish Football, but I thought this would make an interesting topic. Cullompton played Willand FA Vase game. A penalty awarded to Willand, they scored. The referee said no goal encroachment in the area. Retake you would say. No the referee awarded a goal kick. And they wander why they cannot get referees.

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Guest Dermot


A team mate of the player infringes the Laws of the game.

. The Referee allows the kick to be taken.

. If the ball enters the goal the kick is retaken.

. If the ball does not enter the goal, the Referee stops play and the match is restarted with an indirect free kick to the defending team where the infringment took place.

A player of both the defending team and the attacking team infringe the Laws of the game.

. The kick is retaken.

Hope this clears the matter up Hedgerow,hope the said Ref reads this as it is quoted from LOAF.

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Being a former referee, a penalty kick is to be retaken. The latest news the game is null and void and rematch to take place next Tuesday evening. The referee is also to be charged. This is has come from the FA direct. Justice has been done.

Before I go, congratulations to Andy Bowker and Falmouth Town for there first win of the season.

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