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ECPL RESULTS Saturday 4th October


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ECPL RESULTS Saturday 4th October

Premier Division

Biscovey 4 Morwenstow 3

Bodmin Town 5 Probus 2

Liskeard Athletic 2 St Stephen 3

Padstow United 1 Saltash United 15 (fifteen)

Sticker 4 Lanreath 2

Division One

Callington Town 0 Bude Town 0

Lifton 2 Elburton Villa 1

Plymstock United 3 Nanpean Rovers 2

Roche 0 Camelford 1

St Columb Major 1 Plymouth Parkway 4

St Stephens Borough 6 Polperro 2

Rowett Insurance League Cup Round

Launceston 2 St Blazey 0

Tavistock 1 Bere Alston United 2

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Good win for my lads at local rivals Tavistock today, but unfortuately at a cost :(

Darren Smalley one of my central midfielders broke his fib & tib just before half time and early signs are he could be out for the rest of the season (hopefully not).

Just been to see him in hospital and despite the obvious pain, he can still manage a smile and a laugh....Typical Darren!!

Get well soon mate....Wanna see those boots back on asap!!

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Guest Peppermint

What a joke Padstow failed to complete their fixtures last season and now it is fifteen goals against - what a joke. Why are they playing in the Premier League still!

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Dare I be one to start others going over old ground by saying the league mucked up by not being able to relegate them! :glare:

Mind you, they're not bottom!

St Stephen 8 6 0 2 20 8 +12 18

Torpoint Athletic 6 5 0 1 21 9 +12 15

Bodmin Town 6 5 0 1 15 4 +11 15

Launceston 6 5 0 1 14 5 +9 15

Saltash United 6 4 2 0 35 7 +28 14

Sticker 7 4 2 1 20 10 +10 14

Biscovey 8 3 1 4 11 19 -8 10

Tavistock 7 3 0 4 7 9 -2 9

Morwenstow 7 2 1 4 15 16 -1 7

Wadebridge Town 5 2 1 2 7 12 -5 7

Bere Alston United 5 2 0 3 8 13 -5 6

Liskeard Athletic 8 1 2 5 15 22 -7 5

Lanreath 7 1 2 4 11 19 -8 5

Padstow United 7 1 0 6 4 42 -38 3

Probus 7 0 1 6 7 15 -8 1

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Guest st george9

St stephens borough 6 Polperro 2

goals from dave wilkinson 2 steve newton 2 mark hoskins and alex haste

a really good match played in driving rain and wind.Polperro look a good young team but seem lack a real goalscorer up front, a close game untill the 2nd half when borugh stepped up a gear to score 5

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The ECPL didn't muck anything up Dave.

1st Everyone will agree that the ECPL took the right decison to chuck Padstow out of the league.

2nd Padstow went to the county and said 'there is a rule that says provided you play 70% of your games you cant be kicked out. The CCFA took Padstow's side and told the ECPL to reinstate them.

3rd Godolphin took promotion.

4th The league increased to 16 teams per division.

5th The league were forced to re-instate Padstow as it was within the ECPL rules.

6th Padstow could not be relegated because the increase in teams meant they could stay up as neither them or Bodmin finished in what would have been the bottom two In fact with Godolphin taking promotion it left that division woth 12 teams which was increasing to 16

7th Padstow were offered the opportunity to take relegation , which they rightly rejected

8th The CCFA shopuld be watching this situation closely because they will have egg on their face WHEN Padstow not IF pull out of the league. The CCFA should hav eadvised them.

Couple of points.

First Why didn't the clubs say sorry but we don't want you in anymore and vote them out of the league.

Last. The ECPL must throw out that 70% rule. It makes no sense. If you have to play 30 games then once you have played 21 the club can say to the league NAH!!!!!!!!!! we are not going to play anymore this season and UP YOURS!!!!.

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is a rule that says provided you play 70% of your games you cant be kicked out.

Is this a ECPL rule or a CCFA rule?

Actually, I'll answer that one - it's an ECPL one, therefore they overlooked one of their own rules, jumped the gun, got left with egg on their face and I would say ... mucked up!

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So what were they supposed to do. Padstow said they could not complete their season and were chucked out They didn't overlook their rules, they followed the one which apertined to the conduct of Padstow. I'll let you find that one.

The clubs had the opportunity at the AGM to throw out Padstow but decided against it. So who is to blame. The league acted on behalf of its member clubs who then said to Padstow 'come back in'. We wont throw you out. WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!. 15-1 today. what next. They only have to play another 13 games this season and they are safe. What a farce.

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Perhaps if the league had not been so hasty in expunging the record. In otherwords leaving them in the table, while canvassing the league's remaining clubs so that they voted for them being relegated - that might have worked?!

Having said that, you have to give Padstow credit for knowing about the rule!

Having said that, they must be really concerned now at the club that they are going to have to do the same again. Were they short today? Or was it just a bad day at the office? :D

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Shouldnt really get involved in this debate it will probably have a detremental effect on my club St Teath in the future.The problem is not with Padstow or,St Newlyn East who have folded this year it lies solely with the decision to allow the ecpl to increase to 2 leagues.The fact is standards have dropped considerably over the past couple of seasons,no one is going to convince me that teams have benefited from the changes.The Peninsula league Premier league is supposed to be better than the old SWW and the lower division 1 east and west on a par with the replaced sww,i dont think so .players playing at this level played the majority of there football at ECPL PREMIER or its equivelent in other regions.The results will continue to show that the weaker teams are there to make up numbers devalueing Senior Football.Take up the challenge and get rid of senior and junior status ,clubs will soon find a level that they can compete at.Dont blame the clubs someone in authority always has the final say.

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Being involved in football a number of years I have never known of a League to have such a rule that states a club can finish their season after 70% of the games have been played. All clubs should be vetted irrespective of what level you play in at the start of the season to see if they are able to complete the season. Yes, Padstow used the sytem for their benefit by stating what was in the rule book, but if its their intention not to fulfill the fixtures they should not have been allowed to enter a team. They should have also been relegated to Div One even if the league had been increased. The next team in Div 1 should have been invited to fill the position.

I agree the rule should be changed at the AGM to scrap the 70% rule altogether. The respective FA County also has a lot to answer regarding this subject.

Nobody likes to see teams struggle, but look at Goonhavern they have regrouped after they knew they would struggle, including paying a £1000 fine. I do hope Padstow continue till the end, but it is not looking good. At the end of the day it is down to the clubs to change the rule to ensure it does not happen again.

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Sorry kitbag - I think we should kill this nonsense that the standard of football in both the Peninsula and ECPL leagues are of a poor standard. I have watched enough games in recent seasons in both leagues to say that is nonsense. Everyone seems to be lauding how great it was yesteryear. It’s like saying who was better over the last 20/30 years Labour or Tory. Everyone has a view and an opinion. Anyone who played would not say the game was rubbish or great at the time of course they won’t.

For years the leagues lived off the cosy re-election process and every season no matter how good or bad you were you were in for the following season Now it is competitive.

In my opinion the Peninsula League has been a breath of fresh air due to its amalgamation of the SWL and the Devon League. Likewise the ECPL with its two divisions has been good for the game. Lets not forget both leagues are bedding in and within the next couple of years they will have settled down.

Yes you are going to have teams struggling at times in all leagues, but to say the overall standard has dropped is not at all correct.

I think it is all subliminal. We see so much football on TV these days that we actually start to compare this with local football. You can’t. We can’t look at the action replay being played 20 times over each shot/goal/tackle etc. We see it once and make our opinion.

For a start even at our level the game is faster. When it becomes faster mistakes or errors look worse. Again tactics and formations have changed dramatically at this level. Equipment like balls and kit etc are so much different and that is just over fairly recent years.

Are we actually saying that all the massive input into coaching for youngsters upwards is a load of crap, because that is what is inferred. Everyone these days must have a coaching badge like UEFA badges etc. If that is so what are they teaching. I’m afraid this notion that local football is of a poor standard is indeed nonsense.

When I played we thought a game was great good or bad, and I bet every year teams and players say the same. When my son played it was the same, there were good players and mediocre players and likewise teams.

Stop knocking our sport and support it for what it is. A GREAT GAME

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Guest ECPL Supporter

The standard has dropped, that's for sure. There are still good players out there definately, but not as many. Also there are players that are playing peninsula that would never have got in a Jewson South Western League team 10/15 years ago, nowhere near. That's not criticising the game, it's just the way it is, we all still enjoy playing just as much.And as for the coaching side, don't get me started on that!!!

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Good win for my lads at local rivals Tavistock today, but unfortuately at a cost :(

Darren Smalley one of my central midfielders broke his fib & tib just before half time and early signs are he could be out for the rest of the season (hopefully not).

Just been to see him in hospital and despite the obvious pain, he can still manage a smile and a laugh....Typical Darren!!

Get well soon mate....Wanna see those boots back on asap!!

Hi Kev,

yes another great game between local rivals which you managed to shade again after some very sloppy defending by us,i could not beleive that back pass from our right back ??

On the plus side for us with a young side we played some nice football and we are getting there great game for Robby court in centre of midfield.

Westy is so predictable :SM_carton: if only some of my youngsters had his heart and commitment we would have won a few more!!

Send our best wishes to Darren and wish him a speedy recovery from us all at Tavy he was playing the best i have seen him play for along time mate and it was an unfortunate injury. As you know i spent a long time at Bere mate and have a lot of respect for the players as i used to Manage them and keep up the good work mate.

Once again all the best to Darren (good lad) :drink: :smiley20:

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Hi Gats,

Thanks for the comments about Darren, I'll be sure to pass them on.

He will be a big miss for us, as, having settled down into the CM role, he had been playing his best football certainly since I have been at the club.

The actual diagnosis of his injury is that he has three breaks :(:(:( ....Fibula, Tibia and Ankle !!!

He's having an op today (Monday) to have it all pinned and will no doubt be out for the rest of the season.

With regard to the match on Saturday, you did play some good stuff and I was particularly impressed with Robbie Court (No.6) and also your No.8. Jamie Martin also took his goal very well, but the only thing you seemed to lack was a target man as a lot of your good work seemed to break down in and around our penalty area.....which also had a lot to do with some resolute defending from us of course.

In truth, apart from your goal and the one the hit the post, Despite a lot of pressure, particularly in the 2nd half, Howellsy didn't have too many difficult saves to make apart from one or two long range efforts he took low down.

I'll agree that our first goal was a gift from your RB, but Dan Follett has missed quite a lot of one on ones so far this season for me to be confident he would score, but it came at a time when we were on top and looking like the most likely to open the scoring.

Us getting our second within a minute of you equalising was vital as you were the better side leading up to Darren's injury and it gave us something to hold on to in the 2nd half.

Can't believe Westy getting himself sent off, although having missed our last three games, he looked a yard off the pace all afternoon and mistimed a few tackles and looked to be getting frustrated.

Mind you Johnsy didn't have one of his best afternoons or is he always that bad???

Thought Mike Curtis was our best player and it was nice to see us progress into the 2nd round, even if the result was overshadowed by Darren's injury.

All the best for the rest of the season....looking forward to seeing you at your place again on 4th January.


Kev T.

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Thanks kitbag. My only comment is this. The team I like wears the same colour of the team I detest. And one of the teams I admire wears the colour of the party I support.

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