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I could well get slaughtered by you all and probably even get kicked off the site for this BUT I just couldn't resist trying to get some feedback from you all about the Sol Campbell abuse that has been reported to the police etc after sundays game against Portsmouth.

We have ALOT of Tottenham supporters on here and obviously you all know that I'm one of them, I'm always quick to jump on anyone that speaks against Spurs and am even quicker to get on here and shout my mouth off when another club is upto anything slightly controversial.

Therefore I figured it's only right that I follow suit when it's my own club. The supporters/morons responsible for the singing/vile chanting in the direction of Sol Campbell on sunday should NEVER be allowed near a football stadium again. Some of you will probably just be thinking that I'm getting on my high horse AGAIN but there seriously is no place for that kind of thing in society, let alone being directed towards professional athletes.

NO Spurs supporter will ever accept what Campbell did to Spurs when he walked away on a free to "that lot down the road", however, I am also able to remember what he did for the club and the effort he put in whilst doing so.

What are your opinions on this and PLEASE go easy on me because I seriously do think this is very much worthy of conversation and debate.

Now for the bad news and apology to admin. I am going to tell you what was sung by those morons because I'd be surprised if everybody knew and surely we cannot debate something if we don't know what exactly we're debating. Apologies to anyone that's offended......

To the tune of the hymn "lord of the dance"

Sol Sol wherever you may be

Not long now til lunacy

We couldn't give a fu*k

If you're hanging from a tree

You Judas c**t with HIV..............

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Guest Sport Lover

It should be and is going to be a police matter. 'People' cos I wont call them football fans should be banned for life from all football grounds and made to do community service its a disgrace and wonder if their familes are proud of them. Sad day for football

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Guest st george9

You hear this sort of chants and comments at most big grounds you go to watch a game..I have to say the chants towards the likes of, sol cambell and wenger are disgusting and have no place at a football match. I can never see how anyone can be prosucuted ,as the away fans you can be sure out of a crowd of 3000 including woman and children, all would be up singing and some just mouthing the words and not really thinking as they just join in with the crowd..

Something needs to be done but going be tougth, guess it needs the true supporters to take a stand and shop the idiots who bring shame on the club

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Coopsie,you've started one now.Im going to try and keep my nuetral head for a minute.

FACT 1.This song has been sung at White Hart Lane,and away grounds to,along with many anti

Campbell chants.Last line of the song isn't quite right.Its you judas bastard,not c--t.

My question,is why wait all this time to act?

FACT 2.There are worse Campbell chants than that one[i wont print them]

FACT 3.The Hampshire Police,said they were investigating racial chants,and selected the

chant,you highlighted.Can't see anything racial,with that.Can you?

FACT 4.See how FIFA + UEFA deal with rascism,£15.000 fine for Croatia for abusing Heskey?

FACT 5 .Where does that leave the rest of football.Munich air disaster song?Celtic/Rangers,religous chants.

England songs.IRA,German Bombers,I could go on for hours,so Ill stop.

If Spurs do get punished.God no's what will happen next.

One thing for sure,January 17th,Portsmouth at the Lane.Better order my ticket for that one.

Do you think Sol might have a little injury around that time.?

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Several websites are asking the sudden urgency,for Sol Campbell to bring this to a head now.

Some say he is only going to make things worse,and make himself a bigger target.

They say ,with him retiring from football at the of the season,why not let it pass.

Apparently,Mr Campbell has an autobiography nearing completion.

Should sell a few more copies.

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Guest Sport Lover

Would be nice somersetspur if you actually condeem that behavior, Suggesting/chanting someone should be strung from a tree is totally out of order.

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Guest Sport Lover

I would associate the suggestion of stringing up a black person to a tree the same as the kkk so yes I would suggest its racial. Sorry bit heavy for a Sat night.

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Yes,your right.I've had enough.I knew Coopsie opened a can of worms.

All Spurs supporters hate him ,for the way he treated the Spurs faithful.

Unfortunatly,it will never stop.He will always be unwelcome at the Lane.

That is fact,and he will be abused next time he is there.[Even more now,probably]

It dosen't matter weather people dont like it or not.

Thats it from me.No more comments from me on this one.

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How about, as a suitable punishment, Spurs (or any club whose fans are caught chanting such disgraceful things) should be forced to play home games behind closed doors and for away games no ticket allocation will be given to the fans untill the problem has been deemed resolved!

Unfortunately this would punish the innocent, decent fans but it would discourage this kind of behaviour and hopefully alienate these moronic idiots from the real fans.

Also just because FIFA and UEFA hardly act on racist (or other seriously abuseive) behavior it doesnt mean we, in this country, shouldnt.



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Guest Peppermint

I totally agree with A One and A Six.

Just because the utterly useless FIFA and UEFA are so lax in punishing Croatia etc with regards to the racist abuse then why can't our FA act and do something.

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Hang on a minute. Clubs play a bloody fortune to have police and stewards to control crowds. The senior officers sit in their lovely warm surrounds, binoculars in hand, TV screens all over the place and what do they do. Sod all. Its no use blaming clubs if stewarding is out of their hands.

Anyone can lip read. But what do police do. AS IN CASES IN FOOTBALL OR OUT ON THE STREET. I repeat Sod All.

They have the means and the numbers to deal with this sort of problem. But they don't or more importanlty won't. They must have at least an Inspector at the entrance to the tunnel, why? If there is that much of a problem then let, the home side off the pitch forst, followed by the away team and then the officials.

Instead of arresting the idiots on the day. They get their heads around the computers and then hand the clubs the pictures of the people doing the chanting In other words why don't they keep an eye on a play school group because they no longer do their jobs at football grounds. Its about time clubs told the police. DO YOUR JOB or get out of our stadium and we will steward it ourselves.

Go up to Plymouth Argyle either on the morning of a match or the day before and you will see scores of them in the grandstand being told how to do their jobs by an insepctor and then a sergent. Pathetic. These guys are being paid to sit on their backsides and do nothing but watch the game.

The next time you go to a big match actually watch what the police do. Mobile phones to their ears, heads nodding and nothing done.

Back to the point. These idiots shopuld be banned for life, but it's no good if they can do what they like and can wander out of the gorund free as a bird to come back and do it another time.

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This Country must be experts on Policing -

Because it seems everyone can tell the Police 'How to do their job'.

Likewise with referees, traffic wardens, customs & excise, inland revenue, government work & pensions dept. etc, etc.

With so many experts around then we really have no need to worry, do we..??

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