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Guest bundithegreat

last year it was camborne school of mines, now its happening again this year, it doesnt matter what these guys call you, it comes down to one thing and that is jealousy, you can see it now, illogan winning against a good side and all that side can do is abuse the NPR guys by calling them gypsy's because they know this will put you guys off and stop you from playing properly, i would like to say from all at PORTREATH RESERVES that we love you all and i really enjoy the passion you bring to the team and i am sure anyone from ILLOGAN will also agree your a cracking bunch of lads and if there is a battle on the pitch i know what side i would be on and thats NEW PARK RANGERS!!!!!

love BUNDI ######

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1st of all the 1st part of this thread takes some reading, my English isnt great but bloody hell I have a 3 and 5 year old with better English!!!

Unless Im wrong you guys got gypsys in the team, unless Im wrong you guys are gypsys? The term Pikey is just slang, similar to **** for penis or fanny for vagina.....so basically you got a bit of bad mouth during a game of football wooooooha there stop the press. If Illogan played a team of Catholics and had the complete nerve to call one of their players a Catholic would the same fuss be made by the team, I doubt it very much. If they played a team of ginger folk and called a player a ginger so and so would the same fuss be made, I very much doubt it. To me its no different to an Austrailian chap being called an Aussie or an American being called a yank. Basically chin up its all just a bit of banter.

No doubt you guys love ya footbll and dont want to be abused but do any of us? I get called names most weeks but just give as good as I get, sometimes, and get on with it. Surely the term Pikey or Gypsy is not all that offensive ?

If Im wrong or offensive in any of my above views I apologise and please feel free to correct me as I do not know all the facts and merely go by what I read on this forum

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Guest cloak and dagger

N P R,

For f**ks sake harden up and get on with the game, your not in the playground! Name calling goes in every game, in every league, in every sport!!

You just need give to give it back!

They can see it puts off your game so they keep doing it! thats how it works!

I'd rather be called a pikey than a C**T!!!

Listen to Gillo10, Chin Up!!


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There was a small amount of abuse being slung there way but its a local derby and tensions always run hgh in those games.

Besides it didnt have a negative effect and just spurred us all on to win even more and the fact we out played a side for 70 mins with a man down pays tribute to that.

What was even better is one of them bagged the winner didnt hear much response from the crowd when that happened.

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Deal with it!!! Its a mans game, are you trying to tell me NPR that you have never abused ANYONE when you have played football??? It happens, it could be a lot lot worse, friends/teammates of mine have had legs broken on the football pitch and your moaning at a little bit of banter that probably is only meant in jest anyhow!!! You still won the game, use this as positive motivation for both you and your players. It seems the more you go on about it on here the more people will try and wind you up on a Saturday. Look at Wenger, he used to moan about teams getting physical against the Gooners then every team did it, he soon shut up!!! Get on with playing football and quit your jibber jabber, its getting boring!!!

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