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Winno leave Newquay


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This is just to confirm that Symon Winnan has lkeft Newquay to become manager at Wendron. Everyone at the club was sad to hear Symon's news but we respect his decision and wish him well in the future with his new club. We leave on very good terms and from my part I have made a real good friend. I will leave it to Symon to expand (or not). As fate would have it next week sees Symon return to Mount Wise with his new club and there is every possibility that he may have to go in goal as his team's current goalkeeper is injured. All the best mate!

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I have left Newquay and have taken up the role of 1st team manager at Wendron With Steve Webber becoming director of football.

I have left Newquay on very good terms and wish them all the best. When you go into management you want to be the manager and joint management isnt quite the same . Jim and I have become great friends and the decision to do this is mutual and in the best interests of myself Jim and Newquay football club. I think they are a great club with a great set up and a great bunch of lads I really do wish them all the best.

Hopefully I wont have to play next week as I am talking to a goalkeeper If I have 2 I hope the Wendron keepers shirt is big!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I spoke with Steve about this earlier in the week Although I believed Steve had more to offer at Wendron as 1st team Manager I think Winno has the best of it.

Wendron obviously have a vision which is driving them on. They will suceed I am sure, as a mate of Steve's I just wish the players he had brought in over the years had stuck with him. The guy is a genuine man with an uncanny eye for the game. In his new role I am sure his vision of how the game should be played will filter down strongly which will aid building from within.

Good luck to all.

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Thanks for the kind words Mike

I believed that the club needed a fresh impetus to take us forward.

We appointed a very good Combination management team at the start of the season and now I believe we have made an appointment that will enable us to consolidate our position in the SWPL.

Symon has great experience and contacts at this level and I am sure that with the support of the Wendron Backroom team he will enjoy his tenure at our club as well as moving us forward on the pitch.

We have not lost anyone from our backroom staff - and all of us are looking forward to helping Symon - the bottom line is that if Si succeeds - then so does the club.

I have been and still am very happy to be involved with the club and want to be a part of its continuing success.

The club is moving forward on improving the facilities it already has and has a LONG TERM plan to make itself a major force in the county.

We believe that to do this we will never provide "financial inducements" to play as we wish to provide optimum facilities for the players.

We can all see evidence in the county that long term success is very difficult to maintain unless you are blessed with a "sugar daddy" or daddies.

I believe with the structure we are developing at the club we will achieve this. Both in quality of facility and opportunities for players who are not driven by the attraction of financial inducements

I personally welcome Symon Winnan as 1st team manager at Wendron and wish him great success

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very true dave the problem is do they have better players ?

That´s for Winno as the new manager to sort! The thing is any player or manager should want to play or manage at the highest level possible, and at the moment both Newquay and Wendron are in a higher level league than Helston.

As for the comment about Wendron being a feeder club or whatever - yes they are, and will continue to do so. That´s the law of the football jungle surely. Bigger clubs will come in and get the better players. A la Berbatov situation and Spurs v Man Utd. Same scenario, but just at a much higher level!

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Gerrard - I have stolen this from Wikipedia...

"Director of Football" is a term describing a senior management figure at a football club, most commonly used in Europe. The exact nature of the role is often unclear and causes much debate in the sports media. Dave Bassett described the role as " ..... a buffer. The director of football is answerable to the board but there to assist the manager. He's experienced in football and there to help the board members who don't have that experience."

In theory it means that the manager is left to concern himself with the day to day running of the club, the picking of the team, and the decisions about tactics and training. The director meanwhile looks after the budget, and allocates money for transfers and the youth academy.

The director is often involved in the selection of the manager, so that the manager knows he has full support from his subordinates. The plus side is that there is an experienced football head watching the scouts, the budget and the academy, allowing the manager to get on with the team. The down side is that the experienced football head often cannot help giving their opinion of the manager's actions. Most directors of football are ex-managers, given a more "senior" role at the club because the board do not want to lose his experience, despite the fact he has not been getting the results.

Any clearer?! It's a bit vague. I hope Winno asked for a job description when he applied :-)

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