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Penzance Reserves v Newquay Reserves

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Cornwall Combination League

23rd September 2008

Penzance Reserves 3-2 Newquay Reserves

Even though there were five goals in the match, this was a game of surprisingly few clear-cut chances.

Newquay had the first chance when they break down the middle into the box but a cross goal shot goes wide of the left hand post. Things are fairly even until the seventh minute when Newquay take the lead. They break down the right, cross into the box and a low volley from Dave Rabone beats the keeper to his right. 0-1, 7mins.

Penzance start passing short but do not stick to it and revert to more of a long ball game to try to get their forwards involved and this pays dividends when Tom Patrick is up-ended in the box whilst running onto long through ball. Ashley Thomas steps up and boots it to the keeper’s right to even the game up. 1-1, 19mins.

A Newquay player gets booked for a tackle. The game is becoming a bit of a mid-field battle when Penzance get a corner on their left. Ashley Thomas cracks one in hard and James Street gets the merest of a header on it to put it in at the back post with everyone standing still. 2-1, 26mins.

Then Penzance have three half-chances in a row. A move down the left, followed by a cross in sees Danny Magee shoot wide. A long corner has a back post header flying wide. Tom Patrick brings the ball down the middle but after doing all the hard work, shoots wide. Penzance’s Jamie Devine gets booked for a two-footed challenge.

The ref plays 45+5mins and indicates half-time.

After half-time Penzance carry on their habit of swapping one or two players over. Ryan Holland and Ashley Gray replace Ross Badcock and Bradley Wills.

Penzance start the second-half with all guns blazing and it is only goaline clearances that stop them increasing their lead. A good run from the back from Liam Devine results in a corner. The ball is put over long and a volley is cleared off the line for another corner. This one on the left comes into the near post and is deflected goal wards and is cleared of the line at the post and cleared to the edge of the box where a rising volley is tipped over the bar by the keeper. The corner comes into the middle of the box where once again a volley is cleared off the line.

Then against the run of play Newquay are awarded a penalty when the ref indicates a player was held while jumping for the ball. Dave Rabone gets his second and evens up the match with a volley to the keepers left. 2-2, 54mins.

Newquay then make a substitution a couple of minutes later. They almost go into the lead when they get a corner on the left but a flicked header goes wide.

Penzance’s Liam Devine joins his brother in the ref’s notebook for a tackle. We don’t usually say anything about the ref but it seemed whichever side shouted the loudest got his decision tonight.

Penzance’s Danny Magee fires over with a rising volley after Ashley Thomas laid a ball off to him on the right. Penzance desperate for the win try the last throw of the dice and take off Liam Devine for Liam Bennett who takes on a mid-field role after starting a couple of games at the back.

The game slows down somewhat until seven minutes before the end of normal time. A Penzance free kick on the right sees a long cross field ball where it is passed into the box and Ashley Thomas volleys in from 10yds to make it 3-2.

The game peters out a bit for the final few minutes. Newquay have a half-chance with a back post volley from a free kick that goes wide.

Penzance Man of the Match – Tony Riggall, didn’t put a foot wrong all night, back defending at times and up just behind the forwards at others. Good all-round game.

Penzance – Craig Nicholls, Mark Grenfell, Tony Riggall, James Street, Bradley Wills, Ashley Thomas, Danny Magee, Ross Badcock, Liam Devine, Jamie Devine, Tom Patrick

Subs – Ryan Holland (Wills 45), Ashley Gray (Badcock 45), Liam Bennett (Devine 75), Sam Long, Adam Flood

Corners Penzance 8-3 Newquay (4-1 1st half)

Crowd 53, we think only 1 was from Newquay

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Disappointing Newquay turnout, I heard it was because there wasn't any food on after the game - it's just not worth travelling down west these days! Sorry I couldn't make it.

Heard the Newquay lads were tucking in to Mcdonalds at 10.30 last night. Not sure which is worse - late night Mcdonalds or footy club food?

Bit disappointing given that it was the centenary game between Penzance and Newquay. Sounds like the game lived up to expectations though?

Dave Rabone gets his second and evens up the match with a volley to the keepers left. 2-2, 54mins

CTB - a volleyed penalty?! How did he manage that?!

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Yes it was a shame that more supporters couldn't be there from Newquay but circumstances conspired otherwise. Our Chairmans on holiday, we had a rare Tuesday 1st team home game which as you all know means most of the committee have to do all of the run of the mill things that keep football going. It sounds from the report though that it was a lively game worthy of the occasion.

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Guest Peppermint

In reply to the rather acid comment from Mr Deacon - I think Reddel summed it up and surely Mr Deacon realised Newquay First Team were playing Mousehole at home on the same evening and Committee members have a lot of duties. I am sorry that I dared take a holiday but surely everyone deserves one ocassionally!

If the Combination League were anxious for a better Newquay presence then they could have scheduled the match for another evening! Talking about not pleasing everyone - it is difficult to please one person.

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Sorry Peppermint - not sure what was so acidic about the question. Obviously touched a nerve somewhere - one always knows when "Mr" starts being used.

However, thanks for the answer. Hope you had a good holiday. I´m enjoying mine anyway! :D

Back to the original subject .... I have to feel sorry for your Reserve side .... no friends, family or pets prepared to watch them!

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