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FA Vase results that matter

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Wadebridge Town SWP Bodmin Town SWP 0 - 4

Tavistock SWP Wellington WESTP 2 - 0

Welton Rovers WESTP Cullompton Rangers SWP 0 - 2

Street WESTP Falmouth Town SWP 6 - 2

Barnstaple Town WESTP Newton Abbot SWP 3 - 1

Porthleven SWW Buckland Athletic SWP 4 - 3

Launceston SWP Keynsham Town WEST1 3 - 1

Saltash United SWP Portishead Town WEST1 6 - 1

Larkhall Athletic WEST1 Plymouth Parkway SWP 2 - 1

I think I pasted them all!

Great results for Porthleven, Launceston and what about Saltash.

But then we all know that Western League is no great shakes!!! :P

And the draw for the next round:-

Porthleven SWW v Larkhall Athletic WEST1

Frome Town WESTP v Tavistock SWP

Sherborne Town WESTP v Saltash United SWP

Barnstaple Town WESTP v Hamworthy United WESSP

Cullompton Rangers SWP v Willand Rovers WESTP

Brislington WESTP v Bodmin Town SWP

Dawlish Town WESTP v Launceston SWP

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Guest Terrier Tom

But then we all know that Western League is no great shakes!!! :P

I don't really get what you are getting at here Dave.

In the case of Saltash and Launceston, the teams they were playing are from the same level of the pyramid!? Not really an upset is it? Any anyhow, fellow Step 6'ers Plym Parkway got turned over by Larkhall. Does that mean the SWP is no great shakes too!?

Cullumpton's and Porthleven's wins the other hand - :clapper: :clapper:

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Let me explain myself ... for years and years, there has always been this mystique around poor little old clubs from the Duchy playing clubs from other leagues, and how anyone from outside the county was automatically going to mean that we would have a hard game.

Some of course knew then this was a load of garbage, now we know for sure, both in results and league comparisons.

Plym Parkway got turned over by Larkhall
... so, Parkway are from Devon! And before all you people start having a go ... that was a joke! :drink:
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