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Ex Star players in Fal/Hel Div3

Mark Jones

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Am i right in reading that Ex Falmouth Town legends Dave Sweet and Mark Rapsey (Rappo) are playing for Trispen this season?

Surely Sweeter must still have something to offer playing at Senior level?

What other Ex Senior big names are playing in Division 3 this season? If any! :D

The current front runners seem to be Cury, Mullion, Hayle, Wendron.

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i believe they are. but i'll know for sure in about 3 hours time when we play them!

Some very good players in div 3 at the mo, alot are playing at clubs with their mates, which is a good way to play footy. Makes it more interesting for the rest of us to try and raise our games to match them.

Should be close at the top this year, i see 5 teams being there or there abouts

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