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Who is Who?

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So why don't you use your proper name then Jonsey?

:D was just thinking the same thing,

a lot of people use their nicknames as per moi, if you don't know who i am have a look in the introduce yourself bit and you'll find all the details you need.

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It appears to me Jonesy that you frequently throw obscure issues into the pot, you state your opinion, wait for reactions and then 9 times out of ten, you end up agreeing with the opinions of others anyway, completely contradicting your original statement ?This is merely an observation. The main discussion board has a thread to invite people to reveal their true identity! When the time comes to have some serious mass debating you will undoubtedly be amongst it ! :clapper:

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Jonsey, Crosser told you about the 'introduce yourself' bit and so did I but I guess Pidges word is sacred to you hence the thank you !! Im guessing that your topic starter has been ammended due to it being a pretty silly idea to start guessing who is who (Postie Pidge is in fact Postie Pidge). Respect the choice of anonimity Jonsey !!

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