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Respect! Not earnt at the Launceston v Bodmin match!

Guest plainmoor

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Guest plainmoor

Shame this topic has gone, I really enjoyed reading the difference of opinions about Mr. Hyslop, I wonder if there will be a write up tomorrow by the said man, putting his own rose tinted view across.

I thought Mr. Reed's report on the match was 1st class.

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I have to say the inference about the assistant referee not being that fond amongst his fellow officials was a little off-putting for someone as innnocent as me. I thought all referees stuck together!

This whole subject of respect, and in particular at the Launceston v Bodmin match, before the forum went down, and apologies for that, was getting really interesting, especially after Ken Reed´s report!! I gather everything he said was spot on, and why shouldn´t it be, as a man who has been involved as a player, official and more recently a keen watcher and radio match reporter! Although it was now more than a week ago, I know first hand that there are still a few wound up about the matter and this Respect thing!

This thing about the players and the dugout has been blown up out of all proportion, as can be highlighted by an assistant referee who perhaps can show Mr Hyslop a thing or two in diplomacy.

At Launceston´s Vase match last Saturday, they had a linesman who once again had to tell the Launceston management team to get back from the line 3 times during the game. Yes - just 3 - in 90 minutes that´s pretty good going! When he did, this is what he said "excuse me gentlemen can you step back from the line please?" To which Jon Dawe replied "yeah sorry lino no problem". That was it. No waving of the flag stopping the game and speaking to players as though something on the bottom of a shoe!!

So what´s the lesson to be learnt? Well the lino on Saturday was instantly respected by all in the dugout and continued to be polite throughout, it´s even suggested he joined in with some lighthearted banter!! After the game the lino even said to Launceston that he "really enjoyed that, thanks lads"!!

The inconsistency amongst officials is one of the biggest things that drives players mad, especially sometimes the ways officials speak to players. How do officials expect to be respected when they have people like that representing them??

On the day (v Bodmin) Launceston seemed to come in for all the blame. Why should they take all the flack for this? Surely the assistant referee was as much to blame for not controlling the situation better? I wonder if photographic evidence would help defuse the matter!!!

If my memory serves me right, I think there was another situation in the game, something that Ken said in his report about Tim Hyslop disallowing a clear goal then running past the Launceston manager and saying "unlucky" in what could be considered the most sarcastic way possible!! Why did he have to say anything?

If the officials helped themselves, the players would learn this respect is a two-way thing. Yes some players are out of order, but just sit back occasionally and wonder why! :thumbsup:

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Tim Hyslop needs to practice what he preaches. I know this from both the football and cricket pitch where I have never met such an arrogant and full of himself character. If you read his column in the independent or listen to him on a football pitch he preaches the values of fair play and sportsmanship, and yet whilst refereeing our attentions are brought to the incident Dave mentioned "Ken said in his report about Tim Hyslop disallowing a clear goal then running past the Launceston manager and saying "unlucky" in what could be considered the most sarcastic way possible!! Why did he have to say anything?". Exactly. His conduct as a player on the cricket field is even worse, but thats not really th point!!! Mr Hyslop, I suggest you take a long hard look at yourself and start practicing what you so enjoy preaching.

Rant over!!!

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Firstly Chaps, thank you for your kind words but please, I am not Mr Reed, I much prefer to be informal amongst the footballing fraternity of Cornwall and Devon who I look upon as friends. Please, just call me Ken.

Secondly, I stand by the original report I posted on this forum and whilst some may think I have an axe to grind, that simply is not the case - I simply like to see fair play.

One of the `buzz` words emanating from the world of politics is `not fit for purpose` and I really don't like that statement but in the case of the Launceston game, that was so very true and on a personal note, had the `disallowed` goal been allowed to stand and therefore given Launceston the lead, it would certainly have made the game very interesting.

As a matter of interest, I watched the Saltash United v Portishead FA Vase fixture last Saturday (20th September) and thought the referee Mr C. Mann (who by the way was a very young man) and both of his linesmen (all from Exeter), got almost everything spot on. If I had one criticism, it was that tackling was not allowed but it must be said, they certainly kept control of this game.

The contrast in the two fixtures was obvious, the three officials at Saltash were there for the two sets of players and not for themselves although with that said, I will once again show support to the third linesman at the Launceston v Bodmin game who did everything expected of him whilst treating all of the players in such a way that I imagine it's just how he would expect to be treated.

Why then should there be such a difference with referee's and linesmen? Players and officials of clubs will get frustrated, it's human nature but why is there such a vast difference between the referee's and linesmen who officiate at our games. Some take exception to a player venting his frustration, even when it's not necessarily directly at the officials whilst others simply get on with the game in the knowledge that the player or official will forget it almost as quickly as he has.

I fully agree that if someone aims a volley of abuse at one or more of the officials, which contains some of the worst expletives we are all capable of at times, then the punishment should fit the crime but I also believe that whilst the RESPECT campaign is a great idea, we all know it is a two way thing and most importantly, RESPECT has to be earned.

Good Luck to all of you this coming weekend. :thumbsup:

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Guest Man on the Post

What actions can be taken, (and by whom), against a linesman who continually shows no respect to the players?

Several years ago wasn’t there a lot of trouble with a linesman / referee officiating at Blazey?

I seem to remember that he gave up the flag / whistle soon after.

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Just following on from the other postings. Yes times have changed form the days when I blew the whistle or waived the flag. Society has changed. I think what I have seen over the years both in life and especially on the field of play is peoples attitudes to officialdom.

One thing I was always taught was be fiirm and be fair, and don't become involved in heated arguments as there is a right and wrong way to deal with an incident.

Another point is be aware that if someone is going off on one because of one of your decisions then it is pretty likely that you have possibly got the decision wrong. So what do you do. One thing I have noticed more and more is that Officials especially referees give off the persona of being arrogant and aloof. They may not be, so a little point of looking at how they appear and act may not go amiss. It's the same with referees who honestly feel they are traffic policeman and actually become the centre of attraction. How many times have we seen or heard 'blimey that half went quick' it's usually because the referee has done his job. Once the referee becomes the focal point of the match then he has lost it.

One thing I always said before a match to players, you will make mistakes and I will make mistakes, but if you are daft enough to chase me up the pitch then you deserve to be cuationed. When talking to players they were also addressed as gentlemen and I always offered them good luck.

Managers and assistants. One of the worst aspects of todays game is the behaviour of managers and their assistants and every hanger on who appears on the bench. I'm not saying they didn't get angry in my day but what they show now is sometimes naked aggression towards officials and of course the constant ridicule of match officials.

Lets be fair everyone gets things wrong. Its like laying into a player who miskicks the ball and gives away a goal. He will know what a **** up he has made so he won't like abuse coming from the bench telling him what an idiot he was.

Likewise an official may make a mistake or he may not. But the constant tirade of abuse towards officials today is frightening. How many times does a manager appealing for or against an offside when he is first at the wrong angle, second is to far away and thirdly he doesn't even know what offside is. Likewise when a foul has or has not been goven. How many times have you said to yourself, great tackle but some demented manager who is 70 yards away screams foul, or we'll ave it. Meaning a free kick. It's not that which worries officials but the management now think it is open market to constantly deride any decision the official makes.

I go back to officials and the comment by the linesman who asked gentlemen please move back. That is all it takes to calm situations. The linseman got the respect he deserved by asking politely, not by being an overbearing official who barks out his orders and wonders why he is the butt of some abuse.

Likewise with referees who seem to think nowadays that every decision they make is correct. It is not. But what they can do to help themselves is to say at the time 'sorry guys I felt is was a foul, a goal or offside' There is nothing wrong with an official who knows (and come guys, you know when you have made a mistake) he has made an error to actually acknowledge the fact The impression I get with some of todays officials is that they become confrontational towards players knowing full well they are the ones that have got it wrong. Again that is not a problem after all we are human. Its how you the official reacts in such situations. The best one I can recall is Roger Milford who although not the best referee around by far knew players and openly admitted his faults and earned the respect of those players.


Ill disciplne is something that has badly impregnated our society and shows its ugly face on our fields of play.

We have this silly word RESPECT as if it is something new and what a great idea by the FA. Respect is the responsibility of all and always has been.

Its the same with fans. I some times wonder if many of the fans actually knew what the laws of the game are. There is something even more worrying when fans become so aggressive towards officials they run to the edge of the stand or fence screaming abuse.

In my view much of what is bad on our pitches is down to the inability of managers/assistants to refrain from being idiotic and aggresive through a tirade of abuse.

My own opinion is that all persons invovled in that match are subjct to the control of the referee If a referee feels things are getting out of hand he has every right to advise the bench of their duties and responsibilities. If he had done his job right pre match then he must inform the bench that if the abuse continues he has the right to order them from the touchline or even the ground. And all in a very polite manner.

Football is a fantastic game lets keep it so/

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