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Mining League Div Result 10/9/2008


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Division 3

Storm Res. 1 Cornish New Boys 3 (h/t 0-2)

Only 30 minutes played each way due to Referee, Alan Hoon being held up by traffic!

Not the best of games but New Boys worthy of the victory, will have to play much better to challenge at the top of the Division though!

Ryan Hooper with 2 :unsure: and Shaun Rundle penalty :clapper:

New Boys next home game, Saturday verses Ludgvan Res. provided we are awarded a referee??

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I popped up for about 20 mins Cat, saw you filling the goal, not sure if you touched it whilst I was there though, was to cold up there for me!!!

You had a good side out there tonight didn't you? Gribs and Cookey make a lot of difference to that team, but tell the dopey one with yellow boots to look along the line!! jesus, he was offside 6 times in the 10 mins I was in the bar!

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he's only young!! will learn the hard way as will be offside all the time if he doesnt learn!!

FILLING THE GOAL- thanks pal, im trying to slim down a bit, 1 stone down and 2 more 2 go

had a bit to do but not a huge amount

made a few good saves late on but that was more luck, it was that dark i was guessing where the ball was going

we were struggling for players tonight, this early in the season and we have 6 out, those guys dropped down but we had 3 step up from the 3rds too

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Hi Darren

Great to see you getting that chance, I have now spent a few drunken nights in Aggy trying to persuade Kimmo to play you, only kidding mate, you have been a brilliant stalwart for the club when you could have gone elsewhere. As you are fully aware too much money in the game these days which has disrupted club loyality, but I guess this is the world we live in and we can only applaude those who stay loyal their team. Hope you and the lads down at Enys Parc have a great season and catch up soon.

Cheers Reno

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Mining 3

Trevenson Res 0 .v. Cornwall College 1

Didn't make the game, but an absolute howler of a decision from the ref to give college the points apparently. Rumour is that Gerrard 8 played. Two days in a row! You still got it mate! Can you fill in details on the game?

Firstly, its West Cornwall FC not Cornwall College! when will people learn!

Secondly a very scrappy game West Cornwall created the best chances and deserved the victory, well played Trevenson good luck for the season.

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Alright Reno?

Yeah, I'm going to give it a go and see what happens really. It’s a good craic before and after the games with a few mates on board as such, and you can only laugh at Jonah really. If it don't work out then I drop back down I suppose, go and play for the third team or something!!!

Not seen you out in the metropolis that is St Agnes for a while now, mind you saying that, you wouldn't have recognised us the last few weekends anyway, due to excessive alcohol intake!

Hope you're keeping well

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