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GOALKEEPERS - Your Feedback Needed

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I am hoping to produce my own brand of Goalkeeper Gloves.

I am looking for any feedback as to what you think makes a good glove? What style do you like best? Rollfinger? Fingersave? Both in one? What do you think is important when buying gloves? Price? Performance? What would YOU like to see in a glove?

Any info is appreciated.


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I have just recently started using a pair of sells d3o which have a 'negative cut' around the fingers. They give a fantastic feel of the ball and fit perfectly around the fingers.

I also prefer to have a wrist strap with a double fold over fastening which gives good support and protection for the wrist. The new sells glove has a new type of velcro, which when it comes into contact with the latex does not damage it.

I personally do not like 'fingersave' in a glove as i feel it restricts movement.

Price is a consideration but at the end of the day you get what you pay for. The cheaper gloves dont tend to last as long either.

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i always look for a glove without those stupid plastic things in the fingers .think there called finger savers.

i like gloves that are tight around the wrist thats all i look for

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iv broke my fingers more with finger save gloves on so dont like them! got a pair of sells at the moment witha wrap around strap which gives lots of good support! need to come up with summit to stop the glove ripin between thumb and finger-the pisses me off! as for price-the club u play for should get them hahahah! (hint hint dobwalls!!!!)

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