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Of course I want to see England play well. But this week I am not only English, I am Croatian, I am Russian and I am Welsh.

Yes we Spurs supporters want to see our boys do well whoever they are playing for, but when Wales play Russia this week, I would imagine we would experience similar feelings if our girlfriends met our wives for tea. A serious case of multi national loyalty.

I once watched a televised game at Hampden many years ago in which "my" England played "my" Scotland. They were mine because they each had at least 2 Tottenham players in the team. Yes I would like to see England win tomorrow but when we have more players on the opposing team, I start to stutter a little bit.

This group of International fixtures though I really only have one loyalty. I imagine it`s the same feeling in war when the boys got in the planes to leave for foreign shores.

Bring them all back safely, we need every one of them much more than their home nations do. For the nations is pride and honour, for us Spurs supporters it`s absolutely critical.

Please God Bring the boys back safely because we need them to get serious about our fight within the Premier League when they get back.

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Coopsie... a real dilema for you true yids is. seeing a sign saying "pork.... half price.".!!lol

Rhondda mate, that's a ridiculous thing to say... Whether the true yids eat pork or not, ofcourse they'll buy it... IT'S HALF PRICE :clapper:;):drink::c:

Then they would sell it on at a profit! :lol::lol: :lol:

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