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Well done to Borough for deservedly winning 10-1. Major dominated for the first 10 minutes and should have scored early on but once borough scored their first goal the flood gates opened.

However It is a massive advantage playing on the artificial pitch and think many teams will struggle playing against them at salt mill. its great that no games will be cancelled during the season but its just not the same as grass.

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An artificial pitch has its disadvantages with regards to the game and the way that it is played, but in my opinion i dont think teams should see it as an advantage for St Stephens, yes they will be playing on it every other week, but its flat, and fairly big...2 things that teams hope for when playing on grass!!And im sure the players at St Stephens Borough would prefer to play on grass than at Saltmill.

I think if a team turns up to saltmill with the attuitude that its just another game of football regardless of the fact that its an artificial pitch, then games will not be as comfortable as saturdays game suggests for the borough...after all they have already been beaten at Saltmill this season rather convincingly!!

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