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Perranporth 5 v St Agnes 0

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I agree the sending off was harsh, I suppose technically he was the last man !!

The work on the playing surface has been ongoing for a number of months, with the greenkeeper from the golf club advising on procedures and timing. Ed Ansell has worked on the pitch nearly every day since the start of June, without his efforts it would be not be at the standard it is now. :thumbsup:

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Do you know who Kappa is???

He can allow his sheep to walk the thorough fare of Perranporth should he wish to do so!!

Yeah, you're right Mickey, technically you could say he was last man, but still harsh, more clumsy!! The ref spoilt it from the start by coming for a chat with the team, and immediately picking out Gillsy who's had a run in with him before!! I did chuckle though when he asked for the lights to be put on!! crikey, without them we'd never have finished the game!!

Superb pitch though

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For anyone that’s interested here’s why Perran’s pitch is looking good this season.

The club decided that this season, after several years of little investment in the pitch, they would invest in work in an effort to provide a much improved playing surface for the 2008/9 season. To do this they followed the following schedule, which was carried out by and under the supervision of, Billy Mitchell from Perranporth Golf Club.

In early June the goalmouths were mechanically scraped and levelled, as they had developed pronounced humps over the previous years. The whole pitch was then mechanically vertidrained and scarified to decompactify the surface.

The pitch was then mechanically overseeded with 225kg of top quality sport arena seed. (Advanta – Headstart) Unfortunately this coincided with the only spell of hot dry weather in the whole summer! The result was that the germination rate of the seed was disappointing. At this point the club decided to take the bull by the horns and overseeded with another 150kg of seed (this time it was sewn by hand) and then the pitch was mechanically top dressed with 33 tons of sand.

In early August the pitch was treated with 200kg of pellet fertilizer. Our glorious summer then took over, with the unending rain ensuring that by the middle of August we had a lush dense covering of grass and a nice (almost completely) level playing surface.

The club plans to carry on the work at the end of the current season to further improve the pitch. .

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