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A local lad streaked at Argyle v Exeter a few years ago, Argyle winning 3-0, the former, Illogan and Holmans player ran up to the Exeter keeper and realised he was a little bit bigger close up (the keeper that is) and then ran off again!!

Correct me if I'm wrong on that, but I'm sure thats what happened!!

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Cris Ballinger streaked at the area final of the junior cup - Perranporth v Mawnan in 2001 - gail force winds, pouring with rain and bloody freezing.

The West Briton headline read "Perranporth streak to victory" priceless !!


Was that the one that took place at Newquay?........ Horrendous night!!! I was cold for 48hours after that game!! :(

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Thats the one Gary, a real Slobber Knocker of a night !!


Kappa, Slobber Knocker - great description of that night! :smiley20:

I remember it as it was the first County Final that I refereed. Touchlines under water so I had my assistants on right backs, wind blowing the rain nearly horizontal! Had the day off work the next day with man flu it was that bad!! Don't remember who played, or who won, but that streaker was bloody brave streaking in that weather!!!

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