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It comes with the bus pass and B & Q discount card!

Got both those- And I buy my boots on Ebay. Average price is about a fiver. It doesn't matter too much then if they fall apart or I leave em in the pub.

To start last season I got some Mitre soft Ground and some Umbro hard/astro for a tenner both pairs (including postage). One pair was brand new, the other worn about twice. Both pairs are still O.K. for another season.

All this nonsense about Mundial copas predators! Never heard so much rubbish in all my life. Tom has the right idea, You need something with a bit of weight behind 'em. Half a pound of dubbin adds about 5% to a tackle (Ask Newton)

Any road up, If I paid 300 quid for a hand made pair, I'd still be crap. Just as crap as when I use boots from Ebay for a fiver. (And so will you)

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I also buy my boots from ebay, each pair usually lasts about 2 seasons and then the left one always splits around the outside edge, I've worn Nike Tiempo, (pimples for hard ground) for every match and never slipped once.

I was speaking to a cobbler the other day and he said if you want boots to last then you should but a pair that has been rivetted all around the sole, except you can't get them these days, teh manufactures have become wise to this ploy and only rivet the front and back of the boots so they don't last as long, and you have to buy a new pair every couple of years.

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I agree with the cat adidas copa mundials and world cup are by far the best and got both pairs 3 seasons ago and both still in perfect condition.

Have discovered on ebay that they convert your copas into mixed soles with metal studs that you can wear all year round I think I'll give that ago.

beware buying copas on ebay there are alot of cheap fakes out there that wont last long, long for size on heel of bottom sole and blue box

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