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Yes people it's that time of the week again, that moaning old bloke wanting info all the time. Below are the games scheduled for Tuesday evening. First time this season there has been a full set of 10 games.

Scores, scorers and crowd figures please.

HOLMAN SC 0-3 ILLOGAN RBL (Adam Calloway 2, Andy Cowper)

Crowd - 45

HELSTON ATHLETIC (Mark Goldworthy 2, Dwayne Briiten) 3-2 RNAS CULDROSE (Chris Reed, Chris Morris)

Crowd - 49


Crowd - 30

MULLION 0-4 PORTHLEVEN RESERVES (Tom Wadsworth 2, Alex Sharkey, Mike Davis)

Crowd - 45

NEWQUAY RESERVES (Josh Harris) 1-1 ST IVES TOWN (Darren Steadman)

Crowd - 50

PENRYN ATHLETIC RESERVES (Ollie Moody, Rob Canale) 2-4 PERRANWELL (Steve Brewer ,Ieaun Boon, TJ Wilson, Dave Thompson)

Crowd - 80

PENZANCE RESERVES (Danny Magee) 1-3 ST JUST (Neil Curnow, Tom Welche, Stefan Smith)

Crowd - 117

PERRANPORTH (Kayne Trevaskis 2, Justin Andrew, Brian Hawke 2) 5-0 ST AGNES

Crowd - 90

ST DAY (Matt Witts, Nathan Pascoe, Rodney Gregory)3-1 PORTREATH (Adam Johns)

Crowd - 40


Crowd - 32

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Guest Peppermint

Well done CTB an excellent Website and a real asset for all players, supporters and anoraks!

It seems that you are getting the correct information very quickly this season so far.

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If I nag enough people will help.

It's for everyones benifit that's why everyone's helping.

Still difficult to get information from Culdrose, Mullion and Ludgvan.

I need a regular contact in each club that can send in the info after each game. I sit here phoning clubhouses for results. If Ludgvan or Culdrose score mid-week I won't have a clue who it is. With both teams I will have to rely on whoever they are playing.

Has anyone seen the altered attendance page on the site?



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Perranporth 5 - 0 St Agnes

Trevaskis 2



Can't remember who got the other

Rusty missed a penalty after James Thomas saw a red card for Aggie

Referee was shite, as with all refs who come and state their piece before the game on how they referee!!! do those that do it, do it because they have no confidence?

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Holmans- 0

Illogan- 3 (Adam Callaway (2), Andy Cowper) :thumbsup:

crowd-id say about 30ish

Well deserved win for the away side, With Jason Roberts, and Simon Ellis playing paticularly well and Adam Calloway really impressing up front with a couple of goals :clapper:

Andy Cowper started off the scoring with a neat finish inside first couple minutes!

Mark Uren and Tom Hogarth battled well for Holmans, but felt they should have introduced Fraser Cadman and Danny Andrewartha earlier as both created opportunities late on!

Well reffed by Nigel Jewell, :thumbsup:

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Guest Postie Pidge


0-1 - 25m Ryan Harris

0-2 - 37m Bryn Wheeler

0-3 - 48m Ryan Harris

0-4 - 77m Steve Kellow

Referee: Mike Carter

Attendance: 32 (swelled to 49 when the other two games had finished)

Town: P. Wolstencroft, A. Clody, W. Herrington, W. Hewitt, D. Rawlings, D. Friend, I. Grant, L. Appleton (capt), R. Harris, B. Wheeler, S. Kellow. Subs used: S. Peters, M. Glanville, B. Southeard. Unused: C. Andrew

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looking at the Falmouth combo team i see Steve Kellow played. I thought he had signed for Newquay swpl team? And i see that Newquay combo played. Surely he would have played for Newquay Combo tonite? Or has he transfered to Falmouth Town in the hope of breaking into the first team and banging in some goals like his legend uncle Tony Kellow did for Falmouth!!??

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Guest Peppermint

2 names that figure on Combination League teams surprise me - Dan McGee left Newquau in the close season and joined Penzance but is plaing Combo. football not CSWPL. Steve Kellow seems to be playing for Falmouth Town Reserves and not Newquay's CSWPL side.

Seems strange to me - but I will leave Winno comment and state his thoughts.

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Guest Postie Pidge

Steve Kellow signed for Falmouth Combo team but chose to return to Newquay before having a change of heart again. His registration with Town was never cancelled and he played well last night

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Illogan team

Barry Wyatt, Jason Roberts, Mouser, Matt Callaway, Steve "Rocket" Tremayne, Sam Fenton, Craig Williams, Simon Ellis, Ryan Teloar, Adam Callaway, Andy Cowper.

Subs: Rob Brea, Ben Widershoven, Marcus Smith, Ryan Cooper & Lil Matty! (dont know his surname :lol: )

havnt gotta clue on holmans line up.

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Good evening R and L, how are you ? Back in football soon, I hope, not suffering from the heavy treatment meted out to Goon by the powers that be. Shame, such a nice club , 100%ers, very like the Tinners!

WELL ! Yes, I am eating my words. Ye of little faith ! Last night was a perfect example of why football is such a great game. The 3-1 win by St Just is probably the best thing to happen to me since Mawther gave permission for me to talk to girls when I was 28. After the Tinners second half against St Day, no-one could have backed them to soak up the pressure of Dan Magee, Tom Partick-Thistle, Cheesy the Eighteenth Century Tallboy, Glyn Hooper , Ashley Thomas and that good centre-half who once wanted a hundred a game to join the Tinners ....

It was like the Battle of Hastings would have been if the stupid vainglorious Saxons had stayed on their hill instead of running down it after the French cavalry. Tewsters are shrewd Celts, however. Penzance number 6, the one who looked like Bubbles in the Pears soap ads, sprayed the ball around nicely but Tom Dann stopped him quite effectively just in front of the stand there. The defence against the 22 corners was imspired and Andrew Curnow only needed one leg to keep them out. Partick Thistle only wasted seven one-on-ones and as soon as the tallboy came on Tom Welch put the Tinners back in the lead. Stefan Smith, the other sub, curled in the third in injury time from 25 yards.

Paul Walters, absolute star; John Bird ran them to death; Billy Baker nailed everything that moved; Stuart Nicholls, the centre-half up front..... great holdup play and unselfish running ...the subs who scored ther winning goals, great finishing. St Just understood the ref's accent perfectly and won with one man fewer and away from home.

This was the sort of spectacle that saves the human condition from despair. Anita, I hope you understand me this time. My last posting advised my friends at Penlee that it is folly to put out your SWPL first teamers against St Just if they fancy a ballpinging little midfield stroll.

Tawld'ee, Mewts !

September 2008.

"I have met them at close of day

Coming with vivid faces

From counter or desk among grey

Eighteenth century houses

And have passed with a nod of the head

Or polite meaningless words

Or lingered a while and said

Polite meaningless words

Being certain that they and I

But lived where motley is worn;

All changed, changed utterly,

A terrible beauty is born............

I write it out in a verse:

Waters, Nicholls, Dann,

Curnow, Smith and Bird

Now and in time to be

Wherever green is worn

Are changed, changed utterly,

A terrible beauty is born. "

Sorry,Yeats !

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This was the sort of spectacle that saves the human condition from despair. Anita, I hope you understand me this time. My last posting advised my friends at Penlee that it is folly to put out your SWPL first teamers against St Just if they fancy a ballpinging little midfield stroll.

My SWPL first teamers????? :mellow: You've lost me, i've no idea what your on about or why you mentioned me in your post. :unsure:

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No, Anna, deconstruct the syntax more carefully:that is not what I typed. When I last addressed the manager of Penzance with the rather pretentiously demotic and tabloidesque pseudo-familiarity implicit in "Mewts", I advised him not to put out first teamers against St Just for the same reason that it was inadvisable to put too many Blazey players on the field against the Perranporth of old, i.e.I feared they might get kicked ! I know "you" are not (yet) in the SWPL, although you might raise the standard of linesmanship there immensely, of course. Gimme a break, Anna, I need you....you are the only linesperson I have ever met who is consistently worse than I was ! My excuse is that no other b***** would do the job (which I hated) at St Just and some of my performances were intended as a protest.

I was wrong in what I implied to "Mewts". The St Just performance at Penlee Park was devoid of any physical malice whatsoever and reflected the kind of silky passing football that you see all the time in the JCCL; well, ok, Anita, maybe you don't, because you'e too busy doing a fine job on the line to watch the game, like your mate on the thread, the other bloke, what's his name, Ronin ?

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Newquay 1 - 1 St Ives

Newquay hosted St Ives on a blustery and cold evening at Mount Wise. The game was definitely not for the football purists as the two teams battled out a one-all draw with both goals in the second half.

Although Newquay were playing into the wind in the first half, they dominated proceedings with plenty of possesion but had little to show for it. Newquay retained the ball well but were limited to scrappy half chances. The game started to detiorate in the first half with a few niggly incidents occuring and the referee struggled to maintain a stranglehold over what was quickly becoming a tough battle. St Ives failed to generate much in the way of chances, the closest they came to opening the scoring was a header that hit the post following a corner, although the referee had already spotted a foul in the box beforehand.

Newquay started the second half in the same manner and were quickly rewarded with a goal. A simple move that started from the back found Shaun Lawrence in space in the midfield. Shaun lofted the ball over the back four and Josh Harris cut inside from the right to lift the ball over the oncoming goalkeeper and into the back of the net. It was a very calm finish for the talented youngster who is finding his feet at senior level.

James Merrikin was then forced to use his height to his advantage to make a sharp save soon after the goal, stretching to palm the ball away. Newquay continued to put pressure on the St Ives goal after they conceded a large volume of freekicks in their own half but could not make the pressure count or use the conditions to their advantage. Grant Russell came close to adding a second, driving a left footed free-kick from the edge of the box towards the top corner. The goalkeeper was equal to it and managed to turn the ball around the post with an excellent save. The game became more and more hostile as late challenges flew in and both teams picked up yellow cards for dissent and St Ives had an additional booking for persistent foul play.

On a rare counter attack St Ives were able to put the Newquay back four under pressure and Darren Steadman managed to gather a pass that was behind him, only to be fouled in the area as he tried to turn. The referee pointed to the penalty spot and Steadman stepped up to convert the spot kick, sending Merrikin the wrong way with less than ten minutes left on the clock.

The action ended there as the game deteriorated into a very disappointing end that appeared more focused on aggression and hostility. Newquay will be disappointed not to have taken three points from a game that they generally controlled, St Ives were seemingly content with their point away from home. Newquay travel to Portreath on Saturday and will hope to pick up three points after a better display.

Crowd - 50.

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Ok first off Mr Beer, my names Anita not Anna. Secondly you had no reason to mention me on your post whatsoever. Thirdly i'm getting a little scared with your strange fascination of me. And lastly Ronins a lady as you well know.

So please leave me out of future posts, i know you'll miss me down St Just but i'm sure you'll live. Have a nice evening Mr Beer :c:

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