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tinners today

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Mawther expended more energy halftime adjusting her stays and lace collar than some individuals allegedly playing towards the Carrallack Farm End goal. Despite the noisy exhortations of the home support (me) the majorthreat to the St Day supremacy came from the overhead seagulls. We could do with a goalscoring striker. I understand they can be a bit expensive. However did we afford them in the past ? It's a mystery.

I see the 'Pies scored 8 without any ringers so I.m really looking forward to Tuesday night. I presume Shayners will be coughing his £470 before kicking a ball. Must go and polish my mahogany tallboy now.

Hang on, I can't because I am now in Warwick. Why am I in Warwick ? I don't know. Who cares ? Never mind. It's only a game. Can't sleep. Might read some Catullus. Good ode about the death of a sparrow. No reference to Cornish football whatsoever. Hospes, quod diso, paulum est, etc.

Cracking perfromance from Garry Edmunds today. :ninja:

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