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This weekends Match Reports on the Radio

Guest tommo

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Anyone who wishes to be heard broadcasting your Football teams match report, or you may have a opinion on Your match or any football that you have watched this weekend.

Ring through to Cornish Sports Radio voivemail service: 0117 230 8147

The show will be on air Sunday 1900

visit wwwcornishsportsradio.com

*calls left after 1700 will not be aired until Wednesday.

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*calls left after 1700 will not be aired until Wednesday.

Blimey, that's a tight deadline!

Are you limiting callers to how long they can talk for?

Good luck :D

Hi Dave, I must make a humble apology. Lines close @ 1700 on Sunday night

If you want to speak as long as you want.

Until the Show takes off, I will be very grateful to have Match reports and peoples news and views on Cornish Football/Sports.

I have suggested to the likes of Tom trust and Ken Reed, that if the wanted to do a longer peice i.e a football round, it would be gratefully received

Thanks for your Interest


Just to let everybody know

There is no limit to there slot. Speak for as long as you want. The only limitation is when do you want to turn off the computer and go to bed on Sunday night. lol


Tel No. 0117 230 8147

Again many thanks to that have read this topic


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Come on guys, still need more match reports for tomorrow nights show.

It may be a very short show at the moment

Match report to voicemail: 0117 230 8147

Cheers Tommo



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