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Club withdraws from Duchy League!

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Whatever the reasons, it is a great shame to hear of another club folding at a time the Govt.is supposed to be encouraging more sporting activity by us peasants.

Maybe some of the millions lavished on the elite,pampered Gold winning "Heroes" should actually be channelled down to where it really is needed.

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Bit of recent history about them from the Duchy League site :

Roseland formerly St.Mawes – Premier Division

Duchy members from St.Mawes 1973/74 to 1994/95, 1996.97 to 2004/05 Roseland from 2005/06 to date

Honours, (St.Mawes F.C.) Div. 1 Champions 1979/80, 1980/8, 1991/92, Div. 2 Champions 1990/9, Div. 4 West Champions 1996/97, League Cup 1978/79, Div. 2 Cup Winners 1990/91

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veryan and tregony were the other teams that formed the roseland team

veryan had been around since the early 90's i believe before amalgamation

started my adult football career down there aged 14

tregony had alweays had a team for years and were quite high up the duchy league at one stage

with probus moving to senior football in the late 90's a lot of people including myself moved there to further there prospects and all the clubs slowly started getting less and less players

thats why the roseland team was started

shame to see a club who were in the area final of the junior cup l;ast season folding!

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I don't understand this. It doesn't make sense. The standard of football in Cornwall is so much higher than it is here in Sussex.

I watched a game yesterday in the West Sussex League. The players were absolutely knackered at half time. The score was 5 - 0 at half-time and it was 5 - 0 at full time. It was rubbish. I could have played in this game easily. I'm well over fifty. It was a friendly but these blokes play at a level of Southwest Peninsular div' one. I don't understand why so many clubs, at least in the north of the county, go to the wall.

I attended a game in Lancashire a couple of weeks ago, for the Non League Paper and the standard was different again. Truro City would struggle at Northwest Counties Premier. It just doesn't make sense for a club like Roseland to fold when they are in fact at a very reasonable level of football.

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I believe that last season there were allegations made by a committee member of Roseland to the Duchy league that a number of Roseland players played for another club on a few occasions when they did not have a game (under assumed names presumably)

This I believe could not be proved but it looks as though a falling out at the club may have contributed to their demise.

It is a shame that it has come to this conclusion which will undoubtably mean that youngsters in the area will have to travel if they want to play football.

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Guest leg end

reason why roseland folded is we were let down by about 6 players with 2 weeks to start of season.they signed for probus,who they slagged of constantly last year.sure they will all fallout again,and have no club to play for then.no player loyalty is the problem.

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