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Transfer Triangle?????


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With Stevie G now out for anything from 2-4 weeks

im sure Liverpool will do all they can to sign Barry, Now that Milner has handed in a transfer request and Martin O'neill has him on radar as a possible replacement for Barry-i think the deal could go ahead-thus allowing Xabi Alonso to move to Arsenal, each deal cant work without the other hence the triangle effect :lol::lol:

Any other views?????

But then again it might not happen-Arsenal i said to be looking @ De Guzman :D

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Both Barry and his agent have said that he "WILL NOT BE LEAVING ASTON VILLA DURING THIS TRANSFER WINDOW"..

Barry DOES NOT play on the wing for Aston Villa, therefore Milner IS NOT/WOULD NOT be a replacement for Barry.

Just because Cesc Fibreglass has said he would like Alonso at Arsenal does not mean that Arsene Wenger would want him there. Also he would cost around £14-16million and Wenger has publically stated that he will NOT pay that much money for a player that has "no resale value".

Fascinating hypothesis though Smithy.

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glad u liked it :lol::lol::thumbsup::yahoo:

i think milner will be moved into centre mid at his new club if he leaves newcastle-just a hunch great engine and not a bad tackler-in fact--f**** it, wenger sign him!! :lol:

barry & his agent said all that to get the fans back on his side-i wudnt read too much into him not leaving villa-even o'neill has said this morning that he would be releived if he is still at villa on tues-so obviously negotiations are still happening???

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