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I think it is a good thing that Storm have not been mentioned in any of the threads about contenders for the league. I can confirm that hardly any of the first team will be playing in the Sunday side this year, although having quit my Sunday job I would like to assume the role of 'splinter' depending on how rough Saturday's games are.

The second influence will help the sunday team. The seconds have been very impressive and are very very close as a team which helps a great deal!

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I must say in the first half storm did play some good football, but i have to mention we were missing quite a few of our best players, Especially in defence.

If storm continue to play that type of football though they should be one of favs to win div 2. Second half was different game altogether as i changed the team about and got us playing football instead of just running about the pitch like headless chickens lol. unlucky not to score more but were lacking confidence.

Good luck to storm for the up coming season and hope to meet you in the cup for revenge lol

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cheeky bugger wildee (martin williams) :SM_carton:

i did play actually, well for 50 minutes anyway.

lucky for me the other midfielders managed to do enough running around

so i could just stand around watching.

if i do training then i wouldnt recover in time for the weekends.

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