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The difference in standard of match programmes

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I was glad to see the item in today's Sunday Independent about match programmes.

So far, I have three from my travels and of contrasting standards. Unfortunately I arrived at Hayle and Penzance too close to the kick-off to get one! My fault as clubs can't afford to make more than they can sell.

Without doubt, Buckland's - who's gets a mention in the paper, is outstanding. Pages and pages (60 in all) of material. Not only about the club itself, but also about the opposition for that game, as well as other clubs in the league. No one would begrudge paying for it, even though I didn't as Programme Editor Paul Hardingham very kindly let me have it for free! One question I have to ask him though is how much time did he put in to producing it?

In contrast Falmouth's was two A4 size sheets (therefore 8 A5 pages), but two of these were full-page adverts! Admittedly it was the first league fixture of the season, but that meant the stats on show were basically a waste of time, so why produce them then? A club with the history and the stattos connected with the club could surely have filled the pages with something else than 0s!

Which moves me on to yesterday's at Wadebridge. Half the size of Buckland's and so enough pages to look forward to reading before the kick-off. But regrettably I was disappointed - in fact there were only four pages that involved any reading - 1) "Welcome to Bodieve Park" for the afternoon from the club's secretary; 2) the history of the opposition - on this occasion Plymouth Parkway; 3) up-to-date SWPL facts and figures; and 4) on the back page - the team sheet, which actually is an ideal place to put that page (in Truro's you spend five minutes trying to find the teams in the inside pages!).

Now chaps, please don't take this as a slagging off, but just my personal comments about what I have seen so far. I must admit I was disappointed I didn't get to Penzance in time Friday to buy one, because that's one that is usually worth getting. Perhaps anyone who did, would like to comment on it?

Yes they are a means of income, both on the day and more importantly from adverts - well done Wadebridge, loads of ads which generate much needed money.

Now, what have I done with my anorak? :D :D

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Now chaps, please don't take this as a slagging off

Dave - I know you don't mean the above but there are many who watch local football who do not realise the amount of work needed to produce a programme, no matter how small that is. It is the 'poison challis' of the club. I think that all the people connected with clubs, who produce even a team sheet do a fantastic job. Its not just the person who makes it, but they have to rely on information from, the Web sites, newspapers, colleagues within the club in order to get some sort of programme produced. It is the easiest product of a club to complain about and the most difficult to produce. Many programmes are produced on the kitchen table, stapled together on match days then when the heavens open thrown in the bin, having to produce it all again. The cost of colour production is exhorbitant unless you are fortunate to have a printer as a friend of the club. To all you programme makers - big or small - you do a fantastic job. :clapper:

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Guest Postie Pidge

Falmouth's programme was the first effort by our new publishers and as it's being done for free, we can't complain and considering we didn't even see the finished copy until the Friday, by then it was too late.

There will be inserts in future programmes.

Not every club can have someone pestering people for sponsoring the programmes. And they don't always make money for the club.

Last season 30 programmes, £27 printing, £1 each.

We have a programme as we are instructed to do so. If you don't like it, don't buy it!

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As someone who likes a program for every match I attend, its sometimes good just to get one!! But there are some cracking efforts out there.

Ill Start with St Blazeys as its one I purchase often. Glossy cover, Chairmans notes, Managers notes, Secretary notes, teams sheet, stats, Ears to the ground (a light hearted view of the past week) and a piece on football for a half time read. More than enough to be honest.

As for others to look out for....





But theres many many more out there. Keep up the good work. :thumbsup:

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