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Wake up Wenger & sign worldclass players!!


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After watching Arsenal just about turn up today and get played off the park by Fulham of all teams is embarrasin to say the least!!

Just about the whole team was shite (arsenal that is)

worst player today tho has to Denilson!!!

we cannot go through the season playing like this otherwise we we will be battling to stay in the top 4!!

We need a worldclass CM like Alonso (not Barry-overrated and not worldclass!), a worldclass attackingmidfielder/playmaker-like a messi/arshavin etc, and we also need to drop that f******g tit Gallas!! he is our weak link in defence!! and either play Toure and Djourou/Senderos or sign a worldclass CB like the one we should have signed instead of Silvestre-V.Kompany!!!!

He is supposed to have at least £40mil available for transfer funds now go and F******g spend it!! enough is enough!! :SM_carton: :SM_carton:

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totally agree 100%

what ive seen of arsenal this season, the centre of midfield is definetley the one major

problem for arsenal.

i reckon we need to buy 2 class midfielders and not 2 more 16yrs old kids, if not then we

are in for a long season and could struggle to get 4th.

i now its still early in the season but all arsenal fans can see the midfield is gonna


come on wenger and splash the cash.

oh well at least tottenham lost again

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Now Fabregas thinks Alonso would be a great signing.

Yes he might well be Cesc.

But as with Gareth Barry,who Wenger likes.

Where the hell are you debt ridden Gooners going to find 16 million from.?

If you Gooners think Spurs will finish bottom half of the table.

On yesterdays performance,you won't be too many places above us.

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