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2 refs needed for sunday

Guest Rabinowitz_The_Red

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Guest Rabinowitz_The_Red

hi everybody, I'm with a group called streetgames. I voluneter with them every friday. This sunday they have a tornement and need 2 referee's for it.

I will not be there myself as i will be doing my final level 1 coaching exam.

As they know i am a referee they have asked me to get 2 for the tornement (may need 3 (one to take over). I will list the details below

* venue = Newquay Sports Centre (west country cup Venue)

* Time = 12.30pm - 4.00pm / finals start at 4.00pm - 4.30pm

*Wages = i will tell the two referee's myself (you will not be able to get the money on the day (fill out an invoice and they will send u a cheque)) i can do this for you

* Lunch = Free lunch on Street games

* Match Details = 6 mins EW/ don't know how many teams to turn up and it's 6 a'side (under 14's and 16's)

please ring me on 07980400006 or write bk b4 11.00 friday else ring txs


Sam Rabey

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