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Friendly- St Buryan vs Pendeen Rovers


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Another friendly down...and the start of the season is fast approaching .........Game played in typical Cornish summer weather windy as f**k and showers!!!...Pendeen played some really nice one touch football in the 1st half (after a thorough bollocking off the Gaffer b4 the game) ....puttin 5 goals past Buryan and letting in 1 disputed peno!!!!! :SM_carton: ref that was a shocker!

In the 2nd half and with a few changes we never got started and St's came more in2 the game and scored there 2nd with 10 mins left.... .....game was played in a fair spirit..& would like to take this opp. to wish Buryan all the best for there new season in Mining1..... :c::c::c: :c:

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