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Holmans Line-up

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Can anyone give me the rough line-up of the Holman's team for their visit to Pz on Tuesday night so I can finish off the evenings programme. I've been told to put line-ups in the programme as it will look better than last years offering.

I've no contact number for the club so just list any players you can and I'll put

Holman SC from :-


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Guest postman pat

ctb have pm you caddys number i will be the holmans lino tomorrow introduce yourself to me. if thats no good try phoning blaythorne ask for niel pitt he is the secretary. :c:

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Guest chinner

just replying to the person who mentioned holmans players leaving,as a club we would never stand in the way of any player trying to better themselves and have wished them all the best at there respective new clubs.im not sure the person in question realises that holmans never have or never will pay there players to represent our club,something we our very proud of when you look at our recent history no more so than finishing fourth in the combo last year,im sure theres a lot of teams in the league right now paying lots of money who would settle for fourth place.

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