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I'm going to stick my neck out but I for one would be very disappointed if P6 didn't win Duchy 4 this season. We have added a reserve team to ensure we don't have the problems we suffered in the second half of last season were we were short for most games towards the tail end of the season. We have also improved the squad considerably with several new players who joined mid way through last season staying (Karl Urlander, Ben Ringrose, Kurt Taylor, Ben Lawrence) and several new additions (Olly Kernick, Geoff Muskett, TJ Newton) joining and strengthing the squad. I know we face a battle for top spot with St Austell again this season, but we are going into this season with a bigger and better squad. It is going to take some team at St Dennis to wrestle a top 2 spot away from either P6 or St A. 7 of the squad that finished last season with us are starting the season in the reserves.

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We havent even won a friendly yet loseing 4-0 to southgate and 4-3 to North petherwin.

Played p6 on saterday in duchy4 and lost 5-2, p6 coulde have scored more but semed to get tired really quickly in second half, they will need to work on fitness to win the league. Not as strong as some of there reports mite sugest but still good enugh to challenge St Austell. Seem like a good bunch of lads and id prefer them to win it then St Austell. Looks like being a two horse race again.

P6 reserves can forget about wining there league i watched perranporth in a friendly there awesome.

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yeah i think Perranporth is a home banker for Duchy 5.

Funny how most people i seem to speak to recently want P6 to win over St. Austell.

I must admit, my dream ticket would be a Grampound - St Austell battle for the top spot, but there cud be more chance of sh*tting in the queens handbag.

But who knows?! lol

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Good game on saturday. Altarnun were top bunch of fellas. I agree with Elia's statement but think it is more to do with the reshuffle to make room for the subs who came on (we lost the plot massively when Neil Currah went up front as he had been killing it on the left hand side). Karl Urlander (at 37 and minus any preseason) was, however, knackered bless him and all the subs had been made. The loss of Geoff our defender in the first half was worse than first anticipated as it looks like he is now out for the season. The first team were also missing Steve Sparkes, Tom Currah, Dan Jones, Tom Longworth and Oleg Sorokin so hopefully we have the strength to challenge St A properly this season.

The second team play Perran on Saturday and I honestly have no idea how they will get on as they have not been able to anything like their full strength squad in any of their friendlys so far, hopefully they will be close to full strength on Saturday. The side we have pencilled in to play Perran on Saturday is pretty good so you never know.

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