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I just posted this over on the ECPL forum but thought I'd share it here as well.

Sorry, had to get this off my chest!

I got a call this afternoon from 1 of the lads who was up checking the pitch. After we played on it on saturday, he went up to see how it was faring before the league kicks off this weekend.

When he got there he found that some little "angel" had decided to smash, not only the home changing room window but also the double glazed front door window. They had also had a go at the window next to the main door but failed to break it, instead leaving a nice cracked effect on it!

The target was the half full fridge of beer we had!!!

The way it looks is, they tried to get into the bar through the home changing room, but when they couldn't get through the inner door climbed back out and attempted to go through the window next to the front door. Failing to break this must've pissed them off because they mustered the strength to smash the window in the double glazed front door leaving them a free run to the fridge!

The "funny" thing (I say funny because it's a laugh or cry situation) is that when they went into the changing room they walked past and left 6 footballs (granted not great but still in fairly good nick) and my bag which contained new gloves (and clean boots which weekly I get asked if they're new, just because they are clean and not caked in however many weeks of mud!) which I'd left there after last weekend because I knew we were home this saturday. When they went into the bar they also left a stereo, tv and freeview box!!!

The thing is, is that we can cover the loss of a few cans of beer but it's the cost of repairs. We aren't a rich club and covering running costs for the 2 teams is about all our finance will cover. We will not only have to repair but also look now into solutions to stop the little darlings responsible from doing it again. I very much doubt it will be cheap.

A great start to the club's centenary season!

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Luckily we found that we still had some glass stored from the last incident which covered 1 window. The rest of it we've managed to get at a good price so with a couple of lads from the club fitting it, it hasn't cost us a great deal. The real expense will be any extra security to prevent it happening again.

Windows being shot with air rifles and smashed was a regular occurence until it stopped for all of last season. This led us to the wrong conclusion that the little buggers who were doing it had either, grown out of doing it or left the area.

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