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friendly result sat 9th aug

Guest spurs03

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Thanks to Constantine for this game played at times in atrocious conditions. Newquay's preparations were far from perfect after the mini bus failed to start from the club house. Then what with the holiday traffic and other mix ups occurring most of the team arrived only 10 minutes before the scheduled start. However this didn't stop Newquay from starting strongly and Steve Kellow scored within the first 10 minutes. Dave Rabone added a second before a Newquay defender slipped allowing our hosts to reply. Lee Bradd then scored twice before poor defending allowed Constantine to reply again. Aaron Bicnell scored Newquay's best and final goal just before half time. With the conditions deteriorating Constantine deservedly scored their third goal. Despite the conditions the playing surface remained excellent throughout. Good luck to Constantine for the forthcoming season.

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Guest robtorson

Hi Jimbo,

Which one were you at Constantine?

Wasn't the weather just horrendous!? Glad to be out of it, and enjoy it in the dry!

Wanted to ask if the Newquay goalkeeper was the old Penzance? Damion,young lad. Superb young keeper, a lot like i was(but thats going back some time!) Great pick up for Newquay, Penzance's loss i gather.

I try and catch Tine games when i can-most of the time im watching City so it makes it difficult. Newquay looked excellent going forward, solid midfield and very good wingers. I Can certainly see them scoring a lot of goals next season. Constantine didn't once give up, kept pushing the defence, and getting there reward.

Newquay looked comfortable defensively, but won't want to be pushing forward too much, poor goalkeeper on 3 occasions(everytime constantine scored actually) was hopelessly exposed, despite his best efforts.

Also the tine keeper did his best, kept the score respectable.

I can safely say i won't be watching too many friendlies if the weather is like it was on Saturday :D

Good night all.


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Guest robtorson

Good afternoon Winno,

How are you? Well, i am indeed Rob Torson! Thats me!

With regards to the latter question.. A few clubs actually!

Im from London, and played most of my football there. I moved to Cornwall about 15 years ago with my wife.

As a player i didn't reach the heights that was expected, failing to break into West hams 1st team, making 27 appearences for the reserves. I moved on, and struggled to find another club. The competition was so healthy, with so many goalkeepers around.

I trialled for a few clubs, even played a few friendlies for division 2 and 3(old divisions) clubs, but it didnt come to anything(partly due to little injuries that i kept picking up, but mainly down to inconsistency from my part) I then chose work over football, and played locally.

I retired from football at 39!

Does that answer your question!?

Reading past posts, im guessing your the Newquay manager then? Great team down there my friend, very strong but youthful team (which is always a massive plus) Oh, and a fantastic goalkeeper! Good signing by the way

I don't get much time to browse the net anymore, so must run along.

Farewell (and good luck for the season Winno)


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