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Plymouth Argyle v Wovles + Video

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Argyles second goal which I filmed

Totally agree with this Brief synopsis on Argyle Supporters Website

1) What a game, brilliant football by the new greens.

2) Kightly must be due for the Prem, what a player!!

3) Barker and Walton had excellent debuts.

4) Stack IS our no' I, when we needed him (which we did a few times) he was there.

5) MoM for me was Seip or Doumbe.

6) Clarke had a cracking game.

7) Mackie's no winger, but he kept their no' 3 busy throughout.

8 ) Puncheon - I think we have found a star by they cameo he gave us.

9) A very very goo game, and if Wolves are up there at the end of the season (as the bookie say they are) we will improve our position of last year.

10) If we get a decent CF, we could do very well on this showing.

11) Sometime, it's very good to be a green tint. Smile :c:

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