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St Austell V St Agnes (1sts & 2nds) 9th Aug

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Please could someone from St Austell contact us asap to confirm or otherwise the message I have just received that the planned 2nd team fixture on Saturday has now been cancelled?

If that is the case please could someone let us know officially please as we have a full size coach booked to bring 2 teams up to St Austell and if I need to cancel it or make any alternative arrangements I really need to know now!

Please could someone in the know contact Martyn Kimmins to confirm one way or the other on 01872 553233/553650 or mobile 07974 370666.

Thank you!

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I am the 2nd team secretary and got told last night about 5.30 ish that our game is off (which we are not best pleased about).

I havent had anything to do with arranging this game it was done by our 1st team manager.

I hope this helps if you wish to contact me then give me a call 07977 298848 (im Lee )

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Oh dear - we haven't heard anything - as stated before we have a large coach booked with 2 teams arranged to travel - to be there for the 2nd team game which kicks off first at 2pm - clearly this doesn't appear to be your fault but its now Friday morning and if the game had been canceled by 5.30pm last night I would've thought someone might have contacted us to let us know.

Martyn is going to try to chase the person who organized both games this morning - thanks for the heads up anyway!

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After many phone calls and some confusion this morning telephone call just received from Glyn Rowett that both games are now back on.

The first team will now play first with a 2pm (or earlier if everyone is ready) kick off and the 2nd team afterwards - I am assured that both games will now go ahead with the proviso that if the weather comes in badly the 2nd game will be reduced to 30 minutes each way.

All aboard the St Agnes bus!

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