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Guest Ronin

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Guest arquati

Hey Sam, hows the "soccer" going?! Are the boys super fit? Im trying to get fit but americans eat alot of shit!!! Coxy is coming out on the 28th so a few runs round central park before i fly home might do us some good! Hows Mansfield doing??? I saw that he scored twice for the 2nds, is he turning up for training ( I sound like his mum) Say hi to the gossy,ed and everyone.

see you end of sept, hopefully top of he league :thumbsup:


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Guest Ronin

Aaarrgh!! So many questions!! OK here goes:

Good thanks :thumbsup:

Yes they are :drink:

Yes they do don't they :SM_carton:

Running in Central Park with Coxy will either get you fit or raped! :unsure:

Mansfield's fine I think B)

No he's not turning up for training :unsure: (if you're reading this Sammy take the hint!!!!)

I'll say hi when I get the chance :rolleyes:

See you at the end of Sept (when you're on the bench cos you'll have to work your way back in!! - we can sit & take the piss out of everyone!!!) :yahoo:

Enjoy your time in the States hun & take care. See you soon ###### ;)

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